“Foundation Launches An Innovative All-Inclusive Platform and Hires New Executive Director”

Washington, DC, USA – January 23, 2018 – What will it take to solve the world’s hardest problems? The Foundation for Inclusion (FFI) has just announced that after years of testing it has finally built a new global platform to rally, unite, and empower change-makers to solve our world’s largest-scale social problems. Based on research, experience, and modern advancements in technology the organization is making its difference by providing a means by which corporations, charities, and all other entities can all come together to map, measure, and magnify their impact. The Foundation for Inclusion takes the millions of once small, divided, and minimal changes in social matters under one roof to make large, collective, and maximum changes in social matters across the globe. Want to cure cancer, stall climate change, and/or eliminate racism? The Foundation for Inclusion is actually doing it!

Due to urgent demand the organization is in an accelerated growth phase, including having just recently on-boarded Jennifer MJ Hardy as its new Executive Director for Development. Hailing from the long-standing philanthropic Hardy family and University of Oxford in the United Kingdom with a career that spans decades across a multitude of countries Jenny is a seasoned professional in international development. Jenny’s last company CEO, Noble Holdings (previously including Moral Resume and Vinotemp) where she helped Co-Found and draft the plan to bring from $10 million a year to $100+ annually with her conscientious bottomline methods honed at Summit Series (the reknowned entrepreneurial community) and GameChangers500 (the new Fortune 500 List for conscientious companies), dubbed her in Bloomberg as “a prodigy – her unique vision, knowledge of the global market and sheer enthusiasm for the future, make Jenny an integral addition”. So, with Jenny and the rest of the growing team from the United Nations, World Bank, Nexus, Ted, John Hopkins, Princeton, and US Army War College to just name a few the time is now to throw your hat in the ring, add your information to the platform, as well as get to invest in funding the Foundation for Inclusion’s efforts to help us all solve our previously persistent problems once and for all.

“We help change-makers work more collectively, more strategically, and ultimately more successfully in three ways: mapping their ecosystem, measuring their impact, and magnifying their influence,” said Dr. Bob Lamb, the CEO, as well as Founder of the Foundation for Inclusion, while talking about the purpose of this inspiring organization. According to the CEO and Founder, the secret sauce behind this Foundation’s unique success is a comprehensive amount of data, analysis, and synthesis that create the all-inclusive, as well as user-friendly platform for soling social issues. The Foundation for Inclusion allows the world to not just share knowledge, and resources, but helps  curate the effective targeting that can actually eliminate problems, rather than simply reduce them. The Foundation for Inclusion is curating a “global movement where large-scale social change is not just seen as necessary, it is also made achievable”, so check it out and be a part of the movement for a better world, today, whatever your cause!

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