7-figure entrepreneur, coming up from humble beginnings, applies 4-hour work week formula to achieve freedom in his late 20’s

Drew Taylor, college drop-out, began working two full time jobs at age 17.

After becoming fed up with the “micro-managing dictator” at his phone sales job, he set his sights on something more and spent 4 years obsessing about learning everything he could about creating automated online businesses.

“I wanted to be one of those guys who retire in their mid 20’s and become a millionaire by age 30,” he told (news channel). “I would read books, like ‘The 4-Hour Work Week’ on how to create a business system that could run itself. One that I could walk away from but still keep the profits from running it. I would try to apply this to a handful of brick and mortar businesses I started, yet I was never able to achieve the 4-hour work week I knew was possible.”

At age 28, the 4-hour work week finally became his reality after starting a digital marketing agency and specializing in facebook ads and messenger bots for various high paying clients.

Today, having secured 7-figures in annual revenue, the 29-year-old not only runs a successful marketing agency but has turned his attention to helping others achieve their own 4-hour work week through private coaching and online courses. 

His multiple years of failure and success have taught him:

Today, Automation is Everything

“Time is the most important thing in our lives and automation through artificial intelligence will become increasingly popular for our fast paced culture. There simply are better ways to automate your life and business in order to save time and increase your profits. Most people just don’t take the time to slow down in order to speed up.”

New Perspectives

“If you could just taste what it’s like to live a lifestyle of financial freedom, you’d be motivated.”

Coachable, Communication & Work Ethic

“Be coachable. If you want the results you’ve never had, then you probably have to go through a process you’ve probably never been through before. Shift your mindset through a proven process to step out of your comfort zone. My biggest advances in life were when my back was up to a wall and all I had was a process I could trust.”

“Constantly communicate and network! Reach out to those who have the lifestyle you want and ask questions. Most financially free individuals would love to teach how you can achieve what they have.”

“Work Ethic is so vitally important and truly is the secret to success. The reality is you must work hard to create a system or get a process in place that’s going to be automated, duplicatable and life changing. However, realize that it’s going to take a lot of failed systems before you find the one that works for you. So in short… fail fast!”

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