Jazz The Barber\’s Organic Products Take The Premier Male Grooming Market By Storm

Jasmond Schoolfield has developed a line of organic, premier male grooming products to solve the problems of dry, patchy beards and hair that won’t wave.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – January 23, 2018 – Jasmond Schoolfield, also known as Jazz The Barber, has been performing male grooming services since 1987 and became a licensed barber in 2007. He is the owner of Creative Image Unisex Hair Salon in Philadelphia, PA. Jazz The Barber is thrilled to announce the development of his line of organic products designed to solve the grooming issues of his clients.

Several customers experienced problems growing full, healthy beards and not being able to get waves in their hair. Schoolfield products will not only solve those problems, but also won’t be harmful. Jazz The Barber’s line of products are purely organic. The products contain organic oils which promote hair growth and health.

Smart men are choosing organic products and for a good reason. By using organic, Jazz The Barber is not only supporting the world as a whole, but also giving the body the benefits that nature intended it to get. Just like eating right foods to nourish the body, men also need good products to strengthen their hair–and beards! Jazz The Barber’s unique blend of organic ingredients promote the growth and thickness of hair.

“I believe that you should be able to look good without using harmful chemicals,” said Jasmond Schoolfield. “I developed my line of products to solve the problems that my clients had. Many of them wanted to grow beards without much success. Their beards were dry and patchy. By using my products, my clients were amazed at their results. They have been able to grow longer, fuller, healthier beards.”

Schoolfield is no stranger to being a change in the community. His barber shop, Creative Image Unisex Hair Salon, was also the first in Philadelphia to offer a reading nook which provides community children access to books and an additional place to learn.

With his passion for male grooming, Schoolfield has gotten the attention of celebrity hairstylist, Kim Kimble. It was a great honor for him to hear Kim talk about his products as she is at the forefront of the beauty industry.

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About Jazz The Barber

Jazz The Barber is the owner of Creative Image Unisex Hair Salon in Philadelphia, PA. He is also the CEO of Jazz The Barber Organics. He developed his line of products to help men grow longer and thicker beards. They currently have the best organic beard and hair products on the market.

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