Transport Pilot Provides New Perspective on Vietnam War in New Release

Military and civilian readers will find a fresh perspective on the Vietnam War through the eyes of a transport pilot in Jon Drury’s new release, BOU Pilot (Redemption Press 2018). After receiving his Air Force wings, the young second lieutenant began flying the short field C-7A Caribou transports by De Havilland.

Drury shares his day-to-day experiences from training to combat. He says, “Transport flying in the Vietnam War had all the good, the bad, and the ugly of military conflicts in defense of freedom; but, interspersed you will find glimpses of hope, rescue, and compassion.” Some of his stories are humorous, some compassionate, and others tragic. He carried troops into combat, air dropped live chickens in crates, ferried cows to Special Forces camps, and dodged .50 caliber fire. He also served the Vietnamese in civic action, drove an ambulance to a free dispensary, and escorted those killed in action.

E. Patrick Hanavan, Jr., colonel, USAF (Ret.), and president of the C-7A Caribou Association says, “The stories bring out his flying skills, human compassion, and faith to a degree one might not expect from a warrior. These elements reflect the skills, passion, determination, and generosity of a man sent to war who found a deeper meaning inside himself than he anticipated.”

After Vietnam, Jon Drury flew the C-118 hospital ship out of Clark, AB, in the Philippines, before becoming a pastor. He now mentors international pilots in his retirement, and is the author of Lord, I Feel So Small! and over 400 articles, many recounting his experiences in Vietnam.

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