Algarve Based Real Estate Company Ideal Homes Expanding To Accommodate Growing Real Estate Investment in Portugal

The real estate market in Portugal is on the up and up and there seems to be quite a few reasons behind the increased interest of investors; to accommodate for the growth Algarve-based, international award winning real estate company Ideal Homes in Portugal is also going through a phase of expansion. The company recently announced the opening of their new office in Portugal’s capital and the most city that attracts most tourists in the country – Lisbon. As a sharp-minded businessperson, the founder of Ideal Homes Chris White believes that PTGoldenVisa is one of the top reasons why investors are so keen about Portuguese real estate.

Having served the local real estate market for almost a decade, Chris has a keen insight of how Portugal and its property market has evolved and shaped itself to become one of the most desirable locations for investment for the local and international investors. Over the span of the last few years, Portuguese real estate investments have successfully surpassed €2.9bn and are benefiting more than 5,000 investors. This proves that the new policies established by the Government are having the right impact. Economists believe that the increase of interest from the investors to be due, in part, to the Portuguese real estate funds (including buildings, shares of real estate companies and units/shares of other real estate funds) which are highly desirable due to the structure for tax optimization, with the 10 percent income tax requirement and numerous opportunities for small investors.

Another point of significance is the PTGoldenVisa that was introduced in 2012, which has drawn a lot of attention from the non-EU citizens because it allow them to obtain a resident permit by investing more than €350,000 ($414,000) into real estate and fulfilling the requirement of minimum stay of just seven days per year.  The GoldenVisa was another successful policy by the Government that is coming to fruition today in Portugal Property Market 2018. Of course, rich culture and history, along with Portugal’s natural and architectural beauty has been drawing in tourists from around the world, it is natural that many of them would love to be a part of Portugal’s prosperity and economic growth, and  real estate seems to be the most rewarding investment.


Ideal Homes is an Algarve-based Realtor to the local and international poverty investors. The award winning real estate firm possesses keen sense of what the house buyers and investors’ of today need combined with an incomparable insight and knowledge of the Portuguese real estate market to deliver top quality services that has made Ideal Homes the top choice of hundreds of clients.

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