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Cars have windshield wipers to wipe away water and keep them clear in the rain. They can shoot a mist onto the windshield to wash away dust and grime with the flip of a switch when there is no rain. Windshields still have to have a proper cleaning every now and then, but being able to see the road in bad weather is the most important thing. Worry about what is left around the wiper path later. A dirty window just makes it hard to focus.

Aurum makes sure that you can see clearly out of your home or office windows no matter what. High rises may seem like an impossible feat, but they have people certified to clean the top window in the tallest buildings. They do more than just clean your windows though. They clean the area around your window. They get the in between strips and nooks and crannies on the edges. They get the hard to reach spots that no one really thinks about until they are gone.

If you live in a one to two story home in a suburban area your windows will probably only need to be cleaned twice a year. In times when the weather is more unpredictable or wind has thrown more debris up that may change as will living near a body of water. Leaving dirt or salt on your window can cause damage that will make your windows constantly look dingy. If you have pets or children, safety is probably a big concern. Aurum uses green cleaning methods that are safe to use around them.

Window caulking can mean the difference between dirt being on the outside of your window and dust particles leaking through cracks. Not only will you receive clean windows and window caulking, but the window caulking will be replaced if the need arises. Full service company does, indeed, mean full service. When Christmas comes around many people want to put on a spectacular light show in their yard. If it is not possible for you to do one yourself, Aurum can help you.

Aurum is environmentally friendly with its products as well as its services as they offer solar panel cleaning services. Depending on the type of solar panels you have, your cleaning needs may be different. If you start to notice your power not being as steady or inexpensive as it should be, it is time to have them looked at. Protecting your solar panels protects you and keeping them clean is the easiest way to keep them in good repair.

About Aurum

Aurum is a Canadian company that offers services in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon and Regina. They use Green Standard products and they stand by their service. By employing only the best personnel, they get the job done right the first time. With new challenges arising all the time the training of employees never stops. All employees are fully licensed for the jobs that they are doing. Call us now for a quote on your job.

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