German Liectroux B6009 Intelligent Robot Sweeper Newly Launched By Liectroux Robotics GmbH Reap Consumers’ Good Comments Due To Its Excellent Performance

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With the rapid development of science and technology, intelligent applications have influenced people’s daily lives in a significant way.   The intelligent robot sweeper is a typical example. The intelligent robot sweeper is recently a hot topic. The popularity of the intelligent robot sweeper is becoming much more higher. Through further researching, we can find out that there are many brands of intelligent robot sweepers and among them, the German Liectroux is highly recognized by consumers and have made significant breakthroughs in the field of intelligent robot sweepers.

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German Liectroux B6009 intelligent robot sweeper is the newly released product of German Liectroux. Its sales on the market is far ahead of its competitors and it has reaped consumers’ good comments soon after its release due to its excellent performance. German Liectroux is a pioneer and leader in the field of intelligent home appliances and it is one of the most famous brands of intelligent robot sweepers in the world. The design of German Liectroux Aerial Robot won the International Design Prize on 1940. (You can view the website: or to get more detailed information).

German Liectroux B6009 has led the intelligent robot sweeper into a new era of planned cleaning. B6009 possesses the most advanced wireless carrier indoor positioning technology which is able to achieve accurate indoor positioning and precise mapping before cleaning. And it will adjust the cleaning route during its cleaning process. The machine will divide the indoor area based on the unit of room and do the cleaning work one by one.

German Liectroux B6009 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The motor as the core of intelligent robot sweeper, its speed determines the size of its suction, the professional customized digital inverter brushless motor of German Liectroux B6009 intelligent robot sweeper has air volume up to 26CMF / cubic centimeter, vacuum rate of 24000RPM / MIN and 1500pa strong suction to avoid winding problems of things like hair. In addition, this machine has low noise during its cleaning process. It maintains about 50db of noise under the silent mode, which enables it has a low power consumption and a long service life twice than normal motor.

German Liectroux B6009 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 

Currently the intelligent robot sweeper that is able to meet the need of dry mopping of a large-size house is getting much more popular. German Liectroux B6009 intelligent robot sweeper has 220ml large tank and there are three gold drainage holes at the bottom of the tank to help control the water seepage rate accurately. By doing this, the machine is able to achieve a continuous water supply for 90 minutes which enables it to do the dry mopping of a large-size house. Coupled with a large mop made of imported nano-water lock fabric, the machine is able to achieve dry mopping and wet mopping evenly during the cleaning process as well as doing a good job at collecting the dust.  

German Liectroux B6009 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 

In addition to its excellent cleaning capabilities, German Liectroux B6009  intelligent robot sweeper also has wonderful indoor environment identification ability. B6009 can identify complex terrains including the primary obstacles and altitudes above 5cm. Furthermore, except for those simple identifications, it can also identify climbing slopes within 15 ° of its own. The machine can also escape in a short time when facing debris and wire winding problem.   

German Liectroux B6009 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 

Nowadays, the functions of intelligent robot sweepers are becoming more and more humane and their excellent cleaning ability has helped people a lot in cleaning the house. By adopting the German Liectroux B6009, you can easily possess a clean and tidy room and spend more time on things you like.

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