Snow Removal Crucial for Businesses in Eau Claire

As snow continues to fall throughout Wisconsin, businesses rely more and more on snow removal services to keep their walkways clear and their clients safe. Icy sidewalks and snow packed parking lots are not just an inconvenience to customers, but a safety hazard as well. One fall from an unknowing passerby, and a business could face thousands in damages from a lawsuit. Although many city ordinances allow a reasonable amount of time for a business to clear their sidewalks, many don’t want a few minutes of neglect to determine the fate of their business.

Why Hire a Professional Snow Removal Company?

Usually, snow plow companies, like Green Oasis, will have maintenance staff on-call during working hours to service the grounds as soon as possible. Snowfall is difficult to predict from hour to hour in the winter, so it’s a good idea for businesses to hire a professional plowing company to provide prompt and reliable service. As soon as the snow stops, or before the business is set to open for the day, the removal process is quickly taken care of.

Snow removal companies also include their own equipment for any type of job, so businesses don’t have to invest in their own tools or find a place to store them on site. Stores with parking lots especially benefit from utilizing the large plow-mobiles needed to clear large spaces of pavement. Professional snow plowing services can finish the job much faster than a manager with a shovel, and it’s much easier on the manager as well!

After the walkways and parking lots have been cleared, not only are employees and customers safe from the perils of winter, but a business will be welcoming and free of hazards once more. Businesses who have large piles of snow leading up to their front doors rarely see any foot traffic. Some pedestrians don’t feel that the risk is worth it. After removing snow, a store becomes profitable once again.

By trying to remove snow themselves, some business owners feel they are saving money, but the lost profits during the removal process and the hazard it imposes on employees actually costs more in the long run. It’s much safer to call a professional snow plowing company to service the grounds. They have the proper equipment and are on-call when businesses need it most.

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