Renting and Buying Used Makes Minimizing Environmental Impact Easy

As more customers become aware of the environmental impact businesses impose on the planet, it is more important than ever for companies to regulate and contain their ecological footprints. Many consumers today are electively purchasing from companies who are committed to going green and reducing the amount of chemicals released into the atmosphere, even if their products cost a bit more because of it. With the number of stories relating to contaminated water supplies or cancerous air increasing each year, improper chemical waste disposal continues to wreak havoc on the image of industry. The steps required to make a business clean and green, however, aren’t always the cheapest solutions, but they can be worth it if it leads to a larger loyal customer base. Fortunately, some solutions can be found at a reduced price if a company is willing to rent or buy used.

Renting Equipment

Before a company decides on the perfect solution for them, they can test equipment using a certified rental company. For example, rental catalytic oxidizers can be rented for short-term use, an emergency response, or for a longer-term research study. The best rental companies will ensure proper installation, have emergency staff on call 24/7, and help operate the equipment through thorough training. Whether it’s a gas fired catalytic oxidizer or flameless, proper handling will ensure the equipment will run as it’s supposed to.

Buying Used

Once a company has narrowed down their choices for their own environmental solution, they can buy used from a certified equipment specialist. If a business is looking to purchase a used oxidizer or used regenerative thermal oxidizer, they will first want to ensure the condition of the piece. Some equipment will be sold as-is, refurbished, or with a performance warranty. The company budget and length of use will help determine the right settlement for them. Some equipment specialists will even buy a business’s own replaced equipment when switching solutions. This is helpful for those who don’t know what to do with their old machines.

As industry progresses and the conviction for planetary sustainment grows, companies will need to find environmentally friendly solutions for their chemical and particulate waste. The companies who find these solutions now will reap the rewards with a loyal customer base. Affordable solutions are easily found in the rental and used sector right now, with more and more options becoming available every year.

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