The Sixth Grand Temple Fair of Taierzhuang Ancient Town Was Grandly Held.

Between the New Year’s Day and the Lantern Festival, fantastic performances of various kinds will be held in Taierzhuang Ancient Town, including ten-thousand-lantern display, fire dragon and steel sparkle dance, folklore show parade, spring festival flash mobs, overpass busking, stunts performed by rare talent, Shaolin Kungfu and many other eye-catching shows. All of these festive events will definitely provide you with a pleasant sense of the Chinese New Year atmosphere!

Throughout the festival, tourists may enjoy the dazzling and glorious fire dragon and steel sparkle performances at the Fu Xing Square—steel sparkles are splashed into the sky and instantly rain down like meteor showers; shirtless dragon dancers perform wildly with all kinds of skillful twists and turns, both brilliant to the mind and pleasant to the eye. In addition, visitors will undoubtedly feast their eyes with various kungfu performances like Shaolin 8-part Internal Kungfu, Praying Mantis, Kids Kung Fu (Tong Zi Gong), traditional Shaolin Boxing, hard Qigong, pictographic boxing, Shaolin Eighteen Weapons Grand Contest. Besides, folk tourism teams consisting of stilts, Bei Ge dance (a form of Chinese folk dance in which an adult carries a kid on the shoulder), bamboo horse dance and dragon dance thread their way through streets and lanes, presenting one fire festive parade after another. The Spring Festival flash mobs at both the West and East Gate of the ancient town will give the tourists a great impression as well

From the second to the fourteenth day of the Chinese lunar January, our ancient town will be star-studded, inviting a dozen of figures including Liu Lanfang, Hou Yaohua, Li Jindou, Chen Hanbai, Fang Qingping, HeYunwei, Liu Ji and so on. They will present the audiences with a special performance for thirteen consecutive days, with a special show thrown by a star each day, accompanying you with joy and happiness throughout the holiday.

Between February 8 to March 2, awesome performances will delight you at the Temple of Emperor Guan: sideshows, martial arts, acrobatics and Qi Gong are performed by experienced artists on the Buyun Bridge; traditional folk exclusive skills include Golden Bell cocoon, steel bar neck-wrapping, blade-mountain lying, stone-breaking on the chest, human pyramid, fire eating and fire breathing, contortion, Diabolo juggling and acrobatic flips. All these breathtaking performances will surely be mind-blowing and enjoyable to our guests.

During the legal holidays, the whole street is covered with man-made snow along the river from Leisure Inn to Lan Ting Whorehouse Musem. The mix of the antique, classic buildings and the beautiful snow is bound to impress any visitor with the fortune to enjoy the scenery. No other place is more suitable for the tourists to take photos.

When the night descends, visitors have the privilege of appreciating the colorful, gorgeous lanterns of different shapes and styles. On this year’s lantern show, we have themes related to the coming dog year like “Celebrating the Auspicious Dog Year” and “Fortune Dog Greeting”; as well as the combination of both fashion and traditional folklores as “Coral Sea” and “Best Wishes”. The multi-colored, glamorous lanterns will be a feast to your eye when lit up.

We look forward to your staying here at the Taierzhuang Ancient Town  from the New Year’s Day to the Lantern Festival, welcome!

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