EDGE Fall Protection Adds New Line of SlowStop® Bollards

Minneapolis, Minnesota – Traditionally described as a post on a ship used primarily for mooring, the term bollard has been expanded to mean a short and sturdy post used today to control traffic and prevent car ramming. Bollards are features that can be added on properties to improve safety and security, and they are frequently used to keep personnel, buildings, and vehicles safe. One of the premier suppliers of bollards, EDGE Fall Protection, LLC has recently added a new line of SlowStop® bollards.

Bollards can be used to control and protect those in traffic by either limiting movements or narrowing the available space. Bollards can limit movement by being placedin front of buildings or no-parking zones, and when placed close enough together, they can block ordinary vehicles while still allowing for emergency vehicles to get through. They can also narrow the available space tohelp control the speed of traffic.

For property owners, bollards are an additional measure of security that not only enhances the protection of the building but also serves to ensure the safety of their visitors. The products offered by EDGE Fall Protection, LLC are frequently used on commercial, corporate, and public properties due to their effectiveness and ease of installation. Installation of their rebounding bollards requires merely a few tools and 15 minutes of a person’s time.

The new line of SlowStop® bollardsfrom EDGE Fall Protection, LLC is OSHA approved to keep personnel, buildings, equipment, and vehicles safe. Their SlowStop® guarding products provide increased protection. Unlike traditional core-drilled bollards that can break, or rip up a substrate, the SlowStop® bollards absorb and distribute energy within the pipe, elastomer, and base.

SlowStop®steel mounted bollards are also a new addition to this line and provide the highest level of safety by gradually softening impacts if or when they occur. These are the strongest surface mounted bollards available on the market. Their 6” bollard can absorb up to 80,000 pounds of kinetic energy at 1.9 miles per hour.

In addition to the new line of SlowStop® bollards, EDGE Fall Protection, LLC offers horseshoe bollards and covers as well. These upside-down “u”-shaped guards are more common around structural columns or pallet racks. They have twice the stopping power of a single rebounding bollard and can be easily installed without requiring large holes to be cored into existing concrete. A three-inch horseshoe bollard will stop 5,000 pounds at 3.8 mph, while a four-inch one will stop 5,000 pounds at 4.8 mph.

EDGE Fall Protection, LLC offers a wide variety of pipe diameters, modular assemblies, and configurations to meet every facility’s unique needs. Business owners and public facility managers can contactEDGE Fall Protection to see a new bollard line of SlowStop®safety equipment and enhance the safety and security of their properties.

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