Curriculum Vitae Chain, the First Blockchain Application in Recruiting Sector in Asia

It is reported that Curriculum Vitae Chain, the first blockchain application in recruiting sector in Asia, has got necessary data of CV to make preparation for the next blockchain application in recruiting sector that will upset traditional online recruitment.

What is Online Recruitment?

Online recruitment uses the power of the internet to match people to jobs. Fundamentally, it is about advertising vacancies on either job sites or corporate websites. At this very basic level it is particularly effective at getting a high level of response. While it may generate hundreds more applications than traditional print advertising, simply attracting more candidates is only part of the job. The current view is that truly effective online recruitment could be as low as 10% of the top blue-chip corporate companies. The real strength and power of online recruitment, when done properly, lie in harnessing internet technology to not just attract candidates but to deal with them too. In this sense it is also about streamlining the recruitment process -so busy HR departments can give a better recruitment service to their colleagues in finance, marketing, sales and manufacturing. Plus, it frees up more of their time for more value-added tasks.

The Problems of Online Recruitment

However, because anybody in the world with Internet access could potentially see the recruiters’ job posting, the recruiter may be inundated with responses, many of them from unqualified candidates, and even worse, the achievements, qualifications, experience and aspirations that the candidates provide cannot be verified. The recruiter will have to take extra time that he or she may not really have to wade through each application. To avoid unwanted applications, the recruiter will need to be careful as to how they word their job posting and be as specific as possible about the job duties and the qualifications they’re seeking. Therefore, the verification of the information in CV is necessary.

The Advantages of Blockchain

The blockchain technology ensures that the verification activity only happens once and is stored securely and permanently for any recruiters that wishes to view it as long as they pay CVH to the applicants before they ask the permission of the applicants. The technology also eradicates double handling and processing by multiple verification providers.

Blockchain is a magnificent change agent for recruitment industry, a broker-based industry. Blockchain can be put to great use in the recruiting sector because, after all, it is a broker industry. Now, Curriculum Vitae Chain, the leading blockchain based application, can assist in expediting the recruiting process undertaken by intermediaries unlocking valuable fund and time to be put to better use by employers in growing their business.

How Does Curriculum Vitae Chain Work?

When the applicants finish the biometric identification in Curriculum Vitae Chain, they can submit their basic profile data to generate their personal CVs, according to their choices in tens of kinds of templates and then we will verify the details that the applicants provide, namely their chosen educational institutions and ex-employers, in order to infiltrate the false information that can lead to extra work for the recruiters. After that the system will automatically match those verified CV details to job requirements once your CV catch a recruiter’s interest, the recruiter has to ask the applicants’ permission before the recruiter pays them CVH, the token in Curriculum Vitae Chain that is based on ERC20, to read their CVs. Of course, the applicants can check the recruiter’s information that has also been verified by the system before they make the decision whether give the permission to the recruiter or not.

Why Should I get my CV verified?

Fully verified achievements, qualifications, experience and aspirations will save potential employers valuable time and money, speeding up the recruitment process.

A verified CV, constructed using cutting-edge technology, will enhance an individuals’ profile providing them with a great first impression with prospective recruiters.

Put simply, the verified CV increases candidate employability while separating individuals from the competition who are using older, more time-consuming traditional CVs.

The Development of Curriculum Vitae Chain

According to the estimation of HR expert, Curriculum Vitae Chain will bring innovation and energy to traditional online recruitment. And according to a survey, the users of Curriculum Vitae Chain will be over 30million in 2018 and Curriculum Vitae Chain will be the bellwether in recruiting sector based on blockchain and lead the development of blockchain.

The whole team of Curriculum Vitae Chain believe that finding a dream job with your dream employer should be fast and easy. Equally, finding top talent should be quick and inexpensive. However, it is challenging, time-consuming, and costly finding top talent, and the recruitment process is often frustrating for both candidates and recruiters. And what’s more, having the credentials of an individual’s CV verified by educators or accreditors and former employers is of enormous benefit. Also, providing unbounded access to candidates or open roles reduces the time to find talent and employers, significantly reducing hiring costs, and increasing productivity. We will build an ecosystem based on Curriculum Vitae Chain, covering all fields, skill training courses for example, in recruiting sector.

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