Eugene, Oregon’s Best Locksmith Service with Locksmith Plus Inc

Eugene, Oregon – Whether one wants an upgrade on the security in homes, vehicles, or a quick fix in an emergency circumstance when one finds themselves locked outside their home or car, it’s always convenient and sometimes pivotal, to have a locksmith on speed dial to avoid or get out of dire situations. Locksmith Plus Inc is a great locksmithing company in Eugene, Oregon that offers such services, ranging from automotive, residential, and commercial. With their recent expansion of trucks and employees, there is no doubt that they genuinely are the fastest growing locksmith service provider in the Northwest.

The company stresses on caring more about their customers and wellbeing than their locks, and their spokesperson Meier Kalazan hit home on this stance with his statement when he says, “We like helping people who need immediate services. The locksmith business is really about pulling people out of stressful situations and attempting to improve a person’s day. Anyone can say that they care about another person’s situation, but at Locksmith Plus, Inc we do care, and we show our clients by being timely and efficient.”

Locksmiths are essential for reasons. They can provide commercial services to meet even the highest security needs of a business, for example creating a specialized master key system and master key charts to ensure that the business owner always knows where every single master key is and who its holder is and adding customizable surveillance cameras for extra security. On a residential level, they can provide emergency services such as home unlocking or relocking, and Locksmith Plus, Inc is on a mission to increase their locksmiths and to circulate service trucks and the fact that they provide 24-hour service. Their response time is guaranteed to be the most optimal in Eugene.

Aside from their locksmith services, Locksmith Plus Inc also has many ideals that carry through into helping their community in other ways. With their mandate to serve their local communities in mind, they make sure that they provide job opportunities to the community by hiring locally, both in the field and office. They are known to donate in any way they can to their communities if and when they can.

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Locksmith Plus, Inc is located at 115 W 8th Ave #218 Eugene, Oregon 97401 ( and can be reached by phone number at (541) 203-4441, via email at, or by visiting their website at and easily filling out their contact form for a prompt email on any inquiries.

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Company Name: Locksmith Plus, Inc
Contact Person: Meier Kalazan
Phone: (541) 203-4441
Address:115 W 8th Ave #218
City: Eugene
State: Oregon
Country: United States