Dr. James Alegbeleye’s Book Now Available on Amazon

Six Domains of Health addressed in Book

Aleye Limited UK has recently announced that Dr. James Alegbeleye of United Kingdom has published a book that is now available in print and kindle versions.  The self-help book features the six domains of health: physical, social, family, emotional, mental and spiritual.  The book came out in late 2017 and is now sold on Amazon.

“I am pleased to say that readers can now access my book, The 6D of Health,” stated Dr. James Alegbeleve.  “I am delighted to share the message of the six domains of health in hopes that it will help people in the walk of healthy life.  The subject is very dear to me and I look forward to touching lives through the book.”

The book, The 6D of Health, features 13 chapters designed to help readers understand the six dimensions of health.  It embraces the philosophy that individuals are physical, and spiritual beings and that all six domains that is spiritual, mental, physical, social, family and emotional health need to be nurtured and fed. 

The book, published by Aleye Media Publishing in November of 2017, offers more preventative solutions to specific medical, mental and emotional conditions that have recently surged all over the World.  It explains how certain unexplainable diseases can be rooted in spiritual realm rather than just the physical one.  Medical, holistic and spiritual concepts are referenced and expounded upon in the book.

The insights, skills, knowledge and information within the book are offered to help with alleviating the current World Health Crisis especially those facing medical, mental or emotional issues or for those who may wish to learn more about the concepts.  A new dimensional approach is explored throughout the pages of the book.

The book has a great rating and is expected to help guide many.  It is available on kindle and also in print on Amazon.  More can be found about the author, Dr. James Alegbeleye, and the future seminars on the website.

In the book there is a forward of praises for Dr. Alegbeleye.  He is noted as being an upright man who portrays dignity and faith.  He is also said to be very pleasant to work with.  He is heralded as being a man who stands firm to teach you a new additional approach he discovered that works which is an attribute reflected in his new book.

To find out more about Dr. James Alegbeleve, visit the website at http://www.6dofhealth.com,  The book, The 6D of Health and The 6D of Health manual, can be purchased on Amazon and other participating bookshops worldwide.

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