Dr. Trust USA Introduces AFIB Testing with Blood Pressure Monitors

Special Measurement System Identifies Irregular Heartbeat Cases That Relate to AFIB, which can help in Stroke Prevention

New York – January 24, 2018 – Atrial fibrillation or AFIB is an ever growing concern where blood flow becomes weaker due to an irregular heart rate. It is vital for any person with AFIB to have the condition diagnosed early so it may be easier to identify a blood clot and to treat the condition eventually. The blood clots could cause a stroke if not treated properly.

The condition is very significant and can be deadly if not resolved appropriately. Dr. Trust has a novel product that will help with ensuring this issue can be revealed and that a patient can receive the proper monitoring or support one needs to be protected.

Dr. Trust USA, has introduced new blood pressure monitors that assist in detection of AFIB or atrial fibrillation and are lifesaving by preventing a stroke.

Two measurements are taken to identify how well one’s heart rate is working. This is to identify any inconsistencies with one’s heart rate, thus allowing for the heart to be treated accordingly. The first measurement works with the systolic, diastolic and pulse rate. The second measurement then focuses on the same, plus atrial fibrillation measurements.

The machine analyzes what may happen with one’s blood pressure and heart rate to see what issues might be prevalent in one’s body. By using appropriate treatment, it becomes easier for issues within the body to be appropriately identified and resolved.

Dr. Trust USA is a world leader in health and wellness, devoted to producing only the best quality products. The company has made its new blood pressure monitors help protect people as AFIB-related strokes can be prevented if the condition is diagnosed early and treated accordingly.

Doctors suggest patients to take regular screenings for stroke prevention. Dr Trust AFIB pro monitors are a great boon for both home and medical professionals. The monitors and extremely easy to use and configure for users of all age groups.

Please find more information about the product at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=295UY6k15FA

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