Riders Will Be Sure To Turn Heads with Airwheel New Smart Products

How to draw others’ attention is a headache for many young persons. To be unique is their pursuit. In addition to fashionable clothes, hairstyle, there is a smart gadgets to help you—Airwheel smart products.

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2017 is a fruitful year for Airwheel with the join of many revolutionary products, like R6, R8 electric assist bikes and H3S, A6S smart electric wheelchairs. These models are involved different fields and have an in-depth influence on future products.

Airwheel smart wheelchairs

H series is a brand new series in Airwheel, referring to electric wheelchair that further extends its business line. H3S is the first model in H series and has laid a solid foundation for the later models. Also, the A series welcomes its second model—A6S self-balance wheelchair. Both of them are not only designed for people who are wheelchair-bound, but also for the masses making them to enjoy another new travel style. H3S and A6S offer soft and wide saddle to the rider. Although it has no shaft on them, the ease to steer does not scale down accordingly. On the contrary, Airwheel electric folding wheelchair is easier to steer than previous models thanks to intelligent handlebar controller. They adopt dual mode of ride. With the dual mode of ride, the rider can steer it by hand (labour) or by electricity. Compared with H3S Electric Wheelchair, A6S belongs to self-balancing electric wheelchair, which is more difficult for the old to control and it is also the gyro system that makes the young love it.

Airwheel R6 electric assist bikes review

Besides the smart wheelchairs, two new models join R series — R6 and R8 trekking bikes. R6 has the ability to pack away, pressing one button to extend or contract it automatically. When it packs away, it can be took into the office and stored under the office desk.

Airwheel R8 citizen folding electric bike

R8 is designed in triangular frame with high performance of crush resistance. Combined with large wheels with special tread and branded lithium battery, R8 is the best tools for riders to be close to nature. All in all, these new products are not only to facilitate your daily travel, but also to attract others’ attention.

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