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January 25, 2018 – is promoting itself as a site that offers a distinct and unique way for people to buy and sell products. The site is an online marketplace where buyers and sellers can get in touch with each other. The site is outstanding for offering a convenient design where the prices always go down. works with a unique layout. A person will upload a product to the site through one of many channels or sections. The site has a very diverse layout where people can get various types of items uploaded.

The seller sets the selling price for a product and the minimum price that it could potentially sell for. The time for when the product will be posted online will also be listed.

The big part of buying products on is that the prices for everything always go down. The site has its own math algorithm that combines when the product goes on sale with the starting and minimum prices. The calculation determines how long it takes for the value of something to go down.

People can receive notifications from the site about when products of interest reach a certain price level. The buyer will never know what the lowest possible price will be though. This means the buyer will consistently be on the lookout to see what’s for sale.

Sellers will ensure that they get their products sold through Pressbuy without problems. Best of all, the seller will always know what one’s product will sell for. That is, the product will not go any lower than what the seller wants it to be.

This is a fully secure website as well. Proper notifications are used for each transaction while confirmations are sent between the buyer and seller to confirm when items are shipped out. The seller is only paid when the product is in the buyer’s hand. Shipping tracking options are available for use as well.

This works with just one website for the entire world. When a person sets one’s language and currency, all products are sold based on that currency.

People looking for help with getting their products sold around the world can contact for help today. The site is available for giving people support with getting many functions managed.

This innovative creation was developed by Spanish cyberspace pioneer and creator of the search engine Olé.com, Jose Valles. Olé.com was the equivalent in Spain in 1999 of what search engine represents today worldwide.

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