Regenerative Leadership Institute Launches The Suburban Homestead Online Design Course for Gardeners


Beaverton, OR – Regenerative Leadership Institute is pleased to announce the launch of its new online course “The Suburban Homestead Design Course.” Created for gardeners and health enthusiasts alike, the course teaches participants how to transform their homes and gardens in order to live sustainably and healthily while keeping in tune with nature through permaculture design – the science of sustainable gardening and ecological landscape design.

Regenerative Leadership Institute spokesperson Sarah Michelson says that the course is generating a lot of interest from urban and suburban gardeners across the globe.

“Lots of people have heard about permaculture, but most aren’t really sure what it entails,” says Michelson. “Our course provides the perfect opportunity to really understand what it’s about, and more importantly, learn how to put the theories into practice.”

According to Michelson, permaculture offers a huge number of benefits to those who follow its principles. “You’ll be able grow wonderfully healthy, organic produce while saving water, saving money, and producing far less waste,” she explains. “You’ll be able to absolutely transform your property into a remarkably energy-efficient system!”

The Regenerative Leadership Institute course is a compressed 12-hour video version of the standard 72-hour Permaculture Design Course. It’s divided up into three parts. Part One covers the principles and design strategies of permaculture, Part Two reveals how to put that knowledge into practice, and Part Three consolidates learning with a final exam. After successfully completing the course, participants receive a certificate of achievement.

About The Regenerative Leadership Institute:

Founded in 2004, the Institute is on a mission to reconnect people with nature. With over 250,000 students in more than 190 countries around the world, a wide range of award-winning sustainable living workshops, courses, and books are available on the website, along with a thriving online discussion forum.

To find out more about the many learning outcomes of The Suburban Homestead Design Course, visit the website at

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