Hackensack Public School District Embraces Unique Anti-Bullying Program

Hackensack, New Jersey, USA – Jan 25, 2018 – Hackensack Public Schools proves its commitment to theirstudents by proactively educating students about the debilitating effects of bullying, not only on the victim, but to those who witness the event, their families, and the rippling effect on the community at large.

The Hackensack School District has unanimously decided to embrace and implement a unique prosocial program within their Elementary schools (grades K-5), offering a multi-sensory experience that teaches students about the power of choice, the impact of their behavior on others, and accountability.

In a purposeful effort to reduce incidents of bullying, and increasing compassion and harmony in the classroom and community within their School District, Hackensack Public Schools collaborates with Eleni Theodorou, South African born author of “Noko The Knight”. The author has a natural talent for captivating and engaging young students and has developed her colorful anti-bullying program called “​Noko’s Culture Of Compassion Campaign”.

Her holistic campaign has been extensively designed to encourage young listeners to adopt lasting prosocial behavior toward those around them – including animals – thereby improving their experience of love, work, and play. Combined with an interactive, solutions-focused approach, Theodorou’s program offers an unforgettable, concrete demonstration whilst exploring the prickly topic of hurtful behavior.

With the deep understanding of the value of implementing such programs during the early developmental years when children are most impressionable, Hackensack Public School District initiates Noko’s Culture Of Compassion Campaign in its schools this January, where Eleni Theodorou will teach children the Art of Compassion; the importance of kindness, forgiveness, and cultural appreciation.

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