Darlene Willman’s New Leadership and Personal Development Book Recently Released on Amazon

Positive Psychology Coach’s Latest Book Teaches How to Discover Your Success Factors

Darlene Willman, CPPC, CSMC, has just announced the release of her new self-development book on Amazon.  The book entitled “Maximize Your Brilliance – Focus on What You Know and Get Into the Flow” is available in both printed format and kindle version.  The focus of the book is on how to be more successful.

“I believe, when it comes to developing and embracing your personal strengths, you can be the best at almost anything if you focus on what you do well and improve on that until you become a master of that skill,” stated Darlene.  “If you want to accomplish something, never give up or quit, even when you think you should.”

In Darlene’s new book, Maximize Your Brilliance, she tells about the many ways to take action and encourages her readers to believe in themselves, take a leap of faith and use your mind to its fullest advantage so you can have the life of your dreams, the career you want or even to start a business.

Darlene also stresses within the book how imperative it is to do the inner work in order to create the success factors.  In addition, the reader is given writing assignments to help excavate their hidden talents and reveal what their gift is to the world to make a bigger impact.

The book urges readers to take a deep dive into their own brilliance. To find what makes them unique and special in today’s new world. Make your life and career the best it can be while using your personal strengths as the foundation. Learn to take ownership of what you do so well that everyone thinks it’s absolutely brilliant!

There are a lot of ways to discover what you’re truly talented in, gifted at, and where your zone of genius can be found. This process is a personal journey to help you get into the FLOW as often as possible.

Darlene is not only an award winning, accomplished author and certified positive psychology coach, she is a speaker as well.  She enjoys speaking to groups, organizations, corporations and most any other audience that is open to hearing her inspirational messages.  She loves teaching people how to be more confident and telling about her personal experiences with the mission of sharing hope, motivation and inspiration.

To find out more about Darlene and to learn how to be more confident or to purchase a copy of her new self-development book, visit her website at http://www.DarleneWillman.com.

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