S-ROAD: disrupts monopoly business model, to achieve a new decentralized platform!!

In recent days, the major turmoil in the digital coin market has caused many people to suspect their lives that Bitcoin has plummeted from 20,000 U.S. dollars a day to about 10,000 U.S. dollars nowadays.


As a decentralized application platform, S-ROAD appears at this time with courage and self-confidence. This marks the beginning of the eco-alliance for the next generation of highly efficient decentralized application platforms. 

It makes people wonder what the S-ROAD is. 

In the era when many innovative technologies such as Internet of Things, Quantum Cryptography and Artificial Intelligence are flourishing, S-ROAD redefines the decentralized application platform and uses blockchain technology combining innovative technologies such as Mesh, Internet of Things, Quantum Cryptography and Artificial Intelligence. S-ROAD has the matching mechanism for shared orders. The innovative technology pioneered by S-ROAD is to combine the enforcement rules, open the door of decentralized application platforms and lower the starting threshold as much as possible to motivate decentralized application to join this completely new ecosystem.

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From the view of human history, the origin of value lies in the flow and consensus. This essence is still applicable from the exchange of objects and the generation of money until today. S-ROAD is a decentralized application platform (DAPP) that solves the major business problems at present and realizes better user experience and win-win business environment, and integrates with multiple industries including finance, internet of things, supply chain, social networking and trade.

Through technical means and good mechanism, S-ROAD eliminates centralized monopoly and inefficient intermediate links, and achieves a safe, credible, fair and efficient and win-win business environment.

In addition, it uses blockchain value-transfer protocols and various encryption technologies to enable point-to-point value transfer, information sharing and privacy protection, and even encourages multi-stakeholder participation through the introduction of shared contribution incentives. It also achieves information and value exchange of any time and space through the wireless Mesh network (multi-hop network).

Professional team and industry certification

S-ROAD team mainly consists of the original team, consultants, investment agencies, and cooperative media. Its technical team are from IBM, Google’s senior engineer, who graduated from Columbia University, Peking University and other world-renowned universities and have very professional technical background and rich experience in the block chain. From such a comprehensive and detailed team configuration, we can understand the impressive strength of S-ROAD.

Team introduction:

Dr. Eric
Blockchian & ICO strategist, consultant. He previously worked as an IBM Solution Architect. It is now an investment firm specializing in blockchain technology with more than 20 investment portfolios.

Kevin Robinson
IT technology executive with more than 10 years’ experience, MS, CS, Columbia University, has rich experience in operations and marketing Blockchian platform and team.

Phillip Bates
S-Road co-founder, CS Columbia University Master, Google senior software engineer, expert of distributed database systems and Blockchian platform.

Dr. Eric
CS Clemson University Ph.D., Microsoft Data scientist and architect, P2P Network specialist, distributed systems. Product marketing officer at Oracle and digital data analyst at Airbnb

Irina Yu
Master of Business Administration of Peking University, global BD director of Cheetah Mobile, expert of marketing planning and financial analysis.

What is the significance of the arrival of S-ROAD?

S-ROAD’s concept of decentralized ecosystem alliance is quite new for most people. It is hard to fully see its full potential and value, but S-ROAD must be a disruptive commercial decentralized application platforms.

S-ROAD uses underlying distributed blockchain network. Blockchain technology uses a decentralized consensus mechanism to maintain a complete, distributed, and tamper-proof account database. It can enable the participants in the blockchain to realize a unified accounting system without trusting building. Block is a public account and needs multi-point maintenance. The chain is stamped with time stamp and cannot be forged. Blockchain is essentially a technology that pays more attention to security and credibility than efficiency.

S-ROAD adopts the latest Mesh network technology, which can conduct networking and data transmission and provide various services based on the cloud platforms through point-to-point and area-to-area connection among nodes.

Through the Internet of Things technology, radio frequency identification, infrared sensor, global positioning system, laser scanner and other information sensing devices, according to the agreed agreement, S-ROAD will connect any item with the Internet, conduct information exchange and communication in order to achieve intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring and management.

At the same time S-ROAD uses quantum technology to transmit the secret key, the data confidentiality will be more secure. S-ROAD collects sensor data by using AI, mathematically optimizes users’ non-private data, and determines data results, obtains analysis reports, suggestions and strategic analysis through a series of procedures.

The combination of above innovative technologies achieve a fair and reasonable business ecosystem and a credible and secure business environment, and it realizes that data producers have their own ownership and value of data, good sense of consumer experience, incentives mechanism of sharing and contribution of all parties, decentralized eliminating intermediate environment.


S-ROAD will build a new business model through the above business model.

It has the following characteristics:

1. Decentralization

Through multiple participation and automatic adaptation, centralization and monopoly are difficult to appear. This ensures a reasonable and healthy business environment.

2. Users take the initiative to participate

Demand and use are basically user dominated. Product concept and improvement design will stimulate users’ participation. The more they participate, the more they match the user’s own or the same community users’ intentions, while the lower the cost of consumption, the more bonus they receive.

If the users are particularly confident in the product, you can also be a product investor to benefit from the future sales.

3. Manufacturers’ low-cost and on-demand precision

Users become product designers and investors, reducing product investment costs. Locking the consumer population in advance can improve revenue and reduce risk.

4. Users, manufacturers and contributors can exchange their roles

Users help manufacturers find the same potential customers with same preference and become the merchants, or provide transport machine to become contributors. The manufacturers are also users who will help other manufacturers to achieve mutual benefit and win-win result.

That is, the token SRD issued by Ethereum smart contract enables users to become stakeholders and enjoy the benefits brought by the entire ecosystem. It breaks the pattern of profit distribution in the traditional economy and encourages more people to join the entire ecosystem.

5. Reward mechanism

In order to encourage multiple participation and eliminate monopoly and centralization, automatic and reasonable reward mechanism is indispensable. The participation and contribution behavior in the new business activities of S-ROAD that improve efficiency, reduce costs and eliminate monopoly can be rewarded or share revenue automatically through smart contracts. All reward mechanisms are transferred through SRD token.

6. Commercial automatic adaptation function

Based on commercial adaptation policies and rules, S-ROAD automatically adapts to select the most commercially-beneficial objects and routes, and prevents and controls business risks according to network participation.

Commercial automatic adaptation can conduct deep learning through AI and conduct manual set, and can also conduct free combination implementation according to different scenarios and requirements

7. Strengthen the contribution of participation and automatically remove unnecessary intermediate links

Reward mechanism stimulates multiple contributions and removes inefficient and high-cost intermediate links through automatic adaptation function.

8. Security and privacy protection

S-ROAD uses blockchain technology and a variety of encryption algorithms including quantum cryptography to achieve security and privacy protection and information traceability.

It is not difficult to see that through the introduction of the above eight features, S-ROAD builds an ecological and business foundation platform that has powerful global influence through the innovations of community, third-party developers and technologies. It will eventually build a new efficient and win-win business ecosystem together with business partners in various industries.

Technically, in addition to the blockchain technology, our products also use the following forward-looking and revolutionary technologies with greater technical advantage and longer viability.

S-ROAD subverts the past business model and combines innovative technologies such as Mesh, Internet of Things, Quantum Encryption, Artificial Intelligence and the overall team’s hormone and operational capabilities in more efficient and comprehensive manners. Let’s have full confidence in the project’s landing and development, wait and see the new business model in this blockchain!

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