Australian Jewellery Designer Launches Affordable Costume Jewellery Which Doesn’t Turn Green

Queensland, Australia – Ivy Dayelle, one of the most forward thinking and innovative costume jewellery designers in the world is delighted to announce the launch of her latest jewellery concept. Being a native Australian, and an enthusiast of swimming in the sea, Ivy was always frustrated at the fact that inexpensive jewellery was always prone to discolouration, in most cases tuning a nasty and unattractive shade of green when exposed to the salt water of the sea.

More expensive jewellery uses medical grade surgical steel, which is not only strong but is also resistant to corrosion, unlike standard custom jewellery materials of silver and copper. However, this then brings another dilemma, as the risk of losing expensive jewellery in the sea is a risk that many people are not prepared to take.

Ivy Dayelle are convinced that they have uncovered a gap in the market, and so they are delighted to announce that their new costume jewellery range is based upon a surgical stainless steel core, which is then encased in a pure 24-carat gold coating. This process which is known as Physical Vapour Deposition creates a lustrous finish and is relatively new within the custom jewellery market.

Ivy Dayelle is determined to make quality jewellery available to women from all walks of life, whether or not they have body piercings. The company are now proud to offer delicate and sturdy pieces for both ends of the market, but without the hefty price tag. The company is constantly creating new pieces of jewellery which are often posted on the Ivy Dayelle Instagram and Ivy Dayelle Pinterest pages.

The company appears to have positioned itself ahead of the wave, with demand for body piercings growing rapidly. Women of all ages adorn their bodies, to express themselves whether at a festival, working in an office, or driving the children to school.

“Many women love jewellery but don’t want to wear expensive trinkets at the beach, and most cheap bling goes green once it’s been exposed to salt water,” Ms Dayelle said.

“The beauty of our jewellery is that it’s guaranteed to last, season after season.”

The Ivy Dayelle brand is characterised by gold and rose gold jewellery that draws inspiration from the natural world and mythology. Young and mature women embrace the feminine body pieces, which let you be as subtle or as bold as you like.

The company also offers options for those who want to replicate the pierced look, without getting pricked by a needle.

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