Qimai Data brings 104 award-winning companies to the big screens in five metropolises, including New York City, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen.

Recently, “NextWorld2017 New Eco-Future Summit”, held by Qimai Data, Zero2IPO Group, Pintu Media and ZHIQUN, and co-held by Pedaily.cn, Ebrun, Innohall and Yemamedia, announced “NextWorld 2017 Best Performance Award” at the scene, hoping to explore the most innovative and growth-oriented Apps, mini programs and wechat official accounts through the perspective of professionalism and authority, discover the unicorn in all segments of the Internet industry, and work hand in hand with the 104 excellent award-winning products to establish a benchmark for mobile products and jointly promote the future development of the industry.

The announcement of the winners aroused widespread concern in the industry. On the very day, there were quite a few of well-known domestic media competing to report on these outstanding achievements and extraordinary strength of these products. The exposure frequency reached 1 million, followed by more overseas media conducted tracking reports on the selection results.

 Light up their charisma, landing on the big screen in (New York) Times Square. 

This time, Qimai Data, together with 104 award-winning companies, landed a big screen at (New York) Times Square known as the “Global Focus, World Attention”, presenting China’s most powerful apps, mini programs and wechat official accounts on the world stage. This is not only to recognize these outstanding products with great innovation, conspicuous success, and great potential in 2017, but also to make the world stay awhile to learn about the rapid development and vitality of China’s mobile Internet.

Extraordinary achievements, appear on big screens outdoor in four world-class cities 

In addition, recently on the big screens of the four major first-tier cities, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, the products achieved best performance in 2017 were displayed. Under the fierce competition in the market, they have made it to surpass themselves through technology and ingenuity, continuously bringing about better user experience, changing and influencing people’s lives.

Products winning “NextWorld 2017 Best Performance Award” were exhibited on the big screen of Innoway in Beijing. The exceptional contribution/performance that these excellent products have made to the technological innovations and product innovations will be witnessed in avenue where entrepreneurial and innovative resources abound in.   


Products winning “NextWorld 2017 Best Performance Award” were exhibited on the Jinmao Tower, Pudong Century Avenue in Shanghai. On this time-themed Century Avenue, people are reminded of their endeavors every single moment, bearing in mind their brilliant achievements in 2017.

As the largest CBD in southern China, Onelink Shopping Mall in Tianhe, Guangzhou brings together business elites all around the world.  Products winning “NextWorld 2017 Best Performance Award” were exhibited on the big screen at Onelink Shopping Mall in Tianhe, Guangzhou, to witness the glory moment with 500,000 people. 

In Shennan Avenue, known as “Shenzhen’s Business Card,” the big screen on MixC recently has shown products winning “NextWorld 2017 Best Performance Award”. By virtue of their superb strength and superior data performance, people stopped and applaused them.

As 2017 is a year full of vitality for the mobile Internet, Qimai Data hopes to use the “NextWorld 2017 Best Performance Award” to interpret the new trends of mobile development from a professional point of view and jointly promote the new development of the industry. In 2018, Qimai Data will continue to provide businesses and developers with comprehensive marketing solutions in the mobile industry.

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