PVC Free Printing Textile Banner Is Now Available As an Eco Friendly Alternative to Traditional Flex Banner

Haining Duletai New Material Co., Ltd announces to supply their printing textile banner, flex banner and TPV coated banner, which are environmentally safe and help reduce the temperature to an affable level inside a building.

Amidst rising environmental concerns across the world, eco-friendly products and solutions are more in demand. Keeping the fact in concern, China based Haining Duletai New Material Co., Ltd now brings environment-friendly textile banners and flex banners, free from PVC.

According to the spokesperson of the company, their printing textile banner is the best alternative to the traditional flex banner. The imported water based PU coated banner meets the FR-B1 Germany standards and has a low temperature resistance. The spokesperson reveals that the textile banner is lighter and stronger and is suitable for various residential as well as commercial applications. The PU coating is free from toxins and plasticizers. The textile is odorless and is available in a variety of styles, offering a lot of customization opportunities to clients.

The company also brings environmental flex banner series that include different ranges of TPV Lite, TPV Supreme and TPV Standard. This is a new type of environment-friendly banner that contains a base fabric with the TPV (Thermo Plastic Vulcanizate) coating. With its outstanding heat resistance and anti-aging features, the banner is suitable for various applications. The spokesperson states that this banner is significantly more weather resistant as compared with the PVC banner and offers a far better performance than TPU. The banner is non-toxic with no traces of any heavy metal and meets all environmental certifications.

PVC Free Printing Textile Banner Is Now Available As an Eco Friendly Alternative to Traditional Flex Banner

Duletai’s TPV Supreme or the TPV coated banner comes with 100% double sided TPV coating on the polylefin silk yarn fabric. With an excellent peel strength and high tear resistance, the banner is non-toxic and environmental friendly. The spokesperson reveals that the TPV Supreme banners are 100% recyclable and can be directly granulated without a need of crushing them. During using the banner, no hydrogen chloride or other toxic gases will be released and it’s completely safe. The banner is also easy to be welded or glued, offering the much needed flexibility while implementing in different applications.

One can learn more about these environment-friendly banners by visiting the website http://www.duletai.com.

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