Ideate Publishing releases a collection of women’s short stories titled “Where’s My Tiara?”

January 25, 2018 – Ideate Publishing has published “Where’s My Tiara?,”a book of short stories that illustrates the many lessons learned and the various paths taken on the way to womanhood. This collection of short stories is written about women by women authors. While making the announcement, Tira McDonald, the book’s editor and cofounder of Ideate Publishing, revealed the short stories are written by internationally known writers and up and coming writers.

The book contains seventeen short stories featuring multidimensional female charactersthatilluminate and celebrate the many facets and complexities of being a woman. Some of the short stories include Teju Adisa-Farrar’s charming coming-of-age story, “From Feeling Blue to Being Red”; the dazzling Caribbean fairytale, “Lyra of the Blue Eyes” written by Brianna Grantham; and La Rhonda Crosby-Johnson’s story of identity and self-empowerment, “The Perfect Fit.”These short stories evoke a gamut of emotions while being simultaneously compelling, humorous, and inspirational.

Tira said, “Ideate Publishing aims to give readers something that not only excites but cultivates a joy of reading,” She added, “The short stories in “Where’s My Tiara?”may be about women, but men can also learn valuable lessons too that can help them relate better to their wives, daughters, and women in general. What you will get from us are interesting books that remind you why you love to read.”

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