Shoppers Encouraged To Back Onslow County Small Businesses For Better Deals – Think Local, NC

Think Local, NC aims to bring the local community together so consumers can get better deals on a purchase and keep the small local business community alive.

An exciting new campaign has been launched in Onslow County to keep the local vibrant small business community alive and keep more money in the local community. Think Local, NC, is encouraging consumers to support their local business through the launch of a Think Local Card which provides people with great discounts.


Local businesses are being overshadowed by large brands which are damaging the local community. For each $100 spent at a national chain in Onslow County only $43 of that spend stays in the local community. However, for every $100 spent at a local business, $68 stays in the community, providing a healthier, stronger, local economy. If consumers don’t support their local Onslow County businesses then those shops and outlets could fade away, costing jobs, and leaving a once vibrant community with empty shops and a bleak economy.

The Think Local, NC campaign makes sense. By supporting local businesses, it means more jobs, more money in the local community, and could result in more small businesses opening. Residents who support their local business don’t go unrewarded thanks to Think Local, NC. By joining the campaign and purchasing a membership, consumers can receive better deals with great discounts.

A spokesman for Think Local, NC said: “Our mission is to “Strengthen the local economy and community by helping residents connect with the best small businesses in Onslow County.”

For every card that is purchased, $5,00 will be donated to a great cause. Think Local, NC on their member’s behalf will donate the money to United Way of Onslow County to support the “Children Healthy Eating on Weekends (CHEW)” program (

Residents in Onslow County are not only supporting their local businesses, they are also supporting a great charity that benefits the community.

Think Local, NC is working with local businesses to join their discount alliance. The more businesses that join the alliance means more local businesses will be supported by the local community. It also means more discounts will be available to the members of the Think Local alliance.

Local businesses who join the alliance will benefit from free advertising. By having their business listed on the Think Local website, and their discount offer, more consumers will be aware of the products they sell and more sales will take place.

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About Think Local, NC

Think Local, NC aims to help save the local business community by increasing sales from local consumers through the launch of their Think Local discount card.



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