Insulation Retailer Expects Surge in Sales Following Heat Wave

“Investing in roof insulation is one of the smartest decisions home owners can make.”
During recent heat waves, many Australians across the country sought refuge away from their homes as houses became unbearably hot over the course of several consecutive scorching days. Pricewise Insulation has been in the game long enough to know that questions about the insulation situation tend to come more to mind when air conditioning systems are not able to sustain a comfortable indoor temperature.

There is nothing wrong with the air-conditioning unit

When cooling systems are working around the clock and are still not able to cool the house down, insulation retailers know it’s only a matter of time before home owners discover what the problem is and the insulation enquiries start ticking in. Paul van Oord is managing director of Pricewise Insulation and doesn’t believe the answer necessary lies in upgrading the air-conditioning unit. “It doesn’t matter how good your cooling system is if your house doesn’t have an adequate level of roof insulation.” He goes on to explain that although the best systems can potentially maintain a comfortable indoor temperature during the hottest days, it comes at a huge expense if the house is not insulated.

Poor insulation = higher energy bills

Insulation works as a barrier against the transfer of heat. In summer, cooling systems produce cool air inside the home and effective insulation reduces the amount of heat generated by the sun from penetrating the home. The thermostat recognises when the air inside has been reduced to the desired temperature and the cooling system is automatically switched off or turned down. Without insulation, however, the heat from outside relentlessly penetrates the home and the air-conditioner has to continue working to maintain the desired temperature. The result is a higher energy bill.

In winter the roles are reversed. The heat is then generated on the inside and the same insulation stops much of it from escaping. This reduces the need for heaters to run and consumers pay less on their energy bills as a result.

Enquiries about roof insulation are the most common

A significant proportion of cool air is lost through the walls and ceiling cavities of uninsulated homes. In fact, ceilings without insulation account for 25-35% of heat gains during summer. This could explain the large number of enquiries Pricewise Insulation typically gets for ceiling insulation after heat waves like the ones we’ve just experienced.

Pricewise Insulation encourages home owners to check out their ceiling spaces and gauge the condition of their insulation. In older houses it could be that the ceiling insulation is no longer as effective as it was when first installed due to moisture or compression, and may need to be topped up or even replaced. On the other hand, occupants may discover that there simply is no roof insulation. Mr van Oord can’t stress the value of roof insulation enough. “Investing in roof insulation is one of the smartest decisions home owners can make. They will save so much money on their energy bills every year. In fact, many home owners report having earned back the initial investment already during the first few years, and from then on you get genuine savings, every year.”

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