Jacob Crocker, St. Louis Samaritan, Inspires Locals to Do Good

St. Louis, MO – In a world where most people lead busy lives, Jacob Crocker makes it his daily goal to help someone in need. The local philanthropist started a charity group that inspires fellowmen to do good in the midst of their busy lives. Their initiative led to an increase in common goodwill and improved neighborly relationships.

“We want to bring out the best in everyone and help not just those in need but those who have everything they need as well. We have a community of open palms that share to those who need time, money, care and friendship,” the philanthropist reveals. It’s like Christmas time everyday in the city. “Jacob Crocker opened us to a new world of doing good. We are almost done with the mindset of doing just what’s good for ourselves. We now stop and think about the little things we can do for our neighbors,” a supporter of the charity group said. Another member of the charity group reveals, “We can do little things everyday like bring some fruit to a neighbor who can’t go out of the house, stand up for a young child being bullied by his peers and even water a plant by the street. Of course we do feeding programs and hold a donation drive as well but it’s the little things we do everyday that make a big difference.”

Jacob Crocker, St. Louis Samaritan, makes it their aim to raise compassion in all of its members. Their supporters, donors, and members have risen in a short span of time noting that Jacob Crocker has come at a time when the community is ready. There are plenty of ways to help out in the charity group. They have volunteer programs as well as donation opportunities in cash and in kind. The local philanthropist is inspired to reach out to a national level but as for now, the focus is more on the local community. Jacob Crocker believes that the common good they do in St. Louis will eventually spread like wildfire to neighboring communities, the whole state and the whole country.

The local group values their donors and seeks to educate and motivate individuals to make an impact that is beyond themselves. Their members take pride in the legacy they are able to leave behind and their use of influence to make a stronger impact in the lives of others. Their group has helped save many from hunger, poverty, loneliness, depression, bullying, and even addiction. Their local team puts together different capabilities to help out others in many ways.

Interested in donating or volunteering with Jacob Crocker St. Louis Samaritan? Get more information by emailing them at info@jacob-crocker-st-louis-samaritan.org. They can also be reached by phone at (314) 207-0180. The local charity group is located at 1827 Glenbrae Ln, St. Louis, MO 63136.

They also have a site in the works at http://jacob-crocker-st-louis-samaritan.org.

Media Contact
Contact Person: Jacob Crocker, St. Louis Samaritan
Email: info@jacob-crocker-st-louis-samaritan.org
Phone: (314) 207-0180
Address:1827 Glenbrae Ln
City: St. Louis
State: Missouri
Country: United States
Website: jacob-crocker-st-louis-samaritan.org/