Office Makeovers Introduce Collaborative Table Design

Complete office makeovers stayed on-trend through 2017, and are expected to continue in 2018. Many companies are noting an increase in productivity, as well as overall employee morale, with the changes they’ve implemented. Office redecoration usually occurs when the styles change. However, recent upgrades have been focusing less on the look of a design and more on the needs and wants of the employees. Of course, the visual appeal is still a huge factor when deciding on furniture and décor replacements, but the functional boundaries are being pushed now more than ever in this post-modern age. In the most recent office makeovers, employees have seen a shift toward separate spaces, collaboration tools, and overall healthy living habits being pushed to the forefront of many remodeling ideas.

Separate Spaces

Seemingly counterproductive, companies are creating better breakrooms and spaces for employees to recharge. Taking breaks is essential for any amount of productivity, but the environment can have a huge impact on the quality of the break itself. Clean and vibrant spaces energize employees for their after-lunch production, as well as provide a separate space for them to check on personal updates. This encourages a distinction between their work space and break space, leading to more productivity, and less phone checking, while in their work space.

Collaboration Tools

Some businesses run best when employees work separately, but may still need times of collaboration to accomplish tasks and goals. In the past few years, collaborative tables and other types of collaborative furniture rose in popularity, and the trend is likely to continue. Some collaborative furniture designs popping up in offices across the country include portable television tables and spontaneous group table settings, which are replacing traditional corporate training room tables in favor of a more relaxed feel. Portable devices, such as tablets, have successfully integrated these collaboration models into modern work environments.

Healthy Living

Mental and physical health have also come into focus for office redesigns. Living walls, natural sunlight, and standing computer desks are a just a few ways companies are promoting healthy work environments for their employees. The connection with nature and option for more movement throughout the day have supported the much-needed mental health of various employees, as well as increased overall production levels of numerous companies.

Thanks to the rise of wireless technology, shifting work environments, and increased awareness of how environment can affect production levels, 2017 left us with some helpful office trends that will continue into this next year. Many employees have already benefited from office makeovers, with more looking forward to their own workplace transformations coming soon.

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