Diaper Backpack By Chris Faberline Is Now Available In Stock On Amazon

Created By Afina Madoian For Mothers Worldwide, The New Diaper Backpack Is Already Getting A Phenomenal Response On The World’s Largest E-Commerce Store

27 January, 2018 – Chris Faberline has proudly announced the launch of its first product in the baby category, and it is welcoming moms from around the world to check it out. Getting a phenomenal response already, this first product is a ‘Diaper Backpack for Moms,’ and it is now available in stock on Amazon. Afina Madoian, the founder of “Chris Faberline”, has created this amazing diaper backpack to help moms around the world for storing diapers for their babies at home and on the go.

“A mother is the most important person in a child’s life because she is our motivator, our inspiration, and the reason for our successes and accomplishments,” said Afina, while introducing her new brand. “My new brand, Chris Faberline cares about every mom and her baby, and we have infused love and warmth in each of our product,” she added. Afina is 21 years young with a profound love of babies in her heart, and she has created this backpack to celebrate the most amazing experience of her life, the birth of her godson.

The most fantastic feature of this Diaper Backpack by Chris Faberline is that it is practical, sturdy, stylish, comfortable to use and beautiful at the same time. In addition, Diaper Backpack can also hold a small tablet or laptop, cell phone, headphones, wallet, keys, makeup and whatever a mother may need to make her day relaxed, enjoyable, and stylish. Moreover, this backpack will eliminate the need for mothers to carry a purse with them because it serves as a purse as well as a multipurpose backpack.

To place orders now on Amazon for this amazing and affordable backpack, please visit: www.amazon.com/Chris-Faberline-Diaper-backpack/dp/B074VY1RWR

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