iXhault-Athlete Marketing and Jet Fuel Tech Agrees to Equity Deal

Leading marketing and management company (iXhault), and Sport Technology Company (Jet Fuel Inc.), signed equity deal to formulate a new creative experience for sports athletes and fans.  

iXhault-Athlete Marketing and Jet Fuel Tech Inc. have agreed to an equity deal; a partnership that is expected to revolutionize the way sports athletes and fans view and interact with their favorite sports teams and players. Valued at an undisclosed amount, the deal was inked on January 14, 2018 in Miami, FL, which signaled a major change in the world of sports broadcasting, esports, augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). iXhault, known for innovative marketing and management strategies for sports athletes and businesses; Jet Fuel Tech, known for progressive concussion and biometric wearable technology, formed an alliance to produce robust technology solutions for the business of sports.

The business of sports equipped with multiple enablers can be compared to the vastness of the Amazons.  Infused with a diverse body of contributors, organizations constantly look for innovative ways to enhance sport productions and fan engagement.

“The touch screen device indirectly changed the way people interact with technology.” – Jet Fuel and iXhault Group

Today, sporting events are broadcasted through a variety of different media outlets, such as mobile devices, television, and the internet. As fans continue to immerse themselves with their favorite sports player and teams, we have to innovate and invent new ways to foster new experiences from their perspective.

This process begins with the Jet Fuel Biometric Compression Shirt. With a GPS unit inserted behind the neckline and biometric sensors laced within the garment, this shirt captures and broadcasts customizable data about the athlete’s performance in real-time. In addition to the shirt, other technologies to include, concussion sensors can transmit live data as well. Armed with this technology the group will focus its efforts at producing broadcast overlays of an athlete’s speed, vertical, and collision impact to major networks in real-time.

For total fan immersion, Jet Fuel Tech and iXhault will release multiple products integrating augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) of live games, allowing the fan to have a truly in-game experience (see the plays from the athletes perspective).

About Jet Fuel Tech Inc.

Jet Fuel Tech Inc. is a sport technology company focused on providing disruptive technology and solutions for the athlete. JetFuel seeks to merge innovative technology with improvements to traditional methods – bridging the gap between brands, testing and new technology to improve the user experience everywhere: www.jetfuelathlete.com

About iXhault-Athlete Marketing & Management

iXhault-Athlete Marketing is a premier marketing and management company focused on providing superior marketing solutions for amateur and professional athletes at all levels. Over the years, the company has helped athletes at different levels to get the needed exposure by providing them with leveraging technologies that enable them to compete on the highest level: www.ixhault.com

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