World Mobile Coin Offers a Limited Time Promotion until the 14th of February

With the internet and digital media fundamentally shaping the world around us, it seems that even the things such as one’s currency and money is being transferred into a more virtual and digital form.

This is in the form of crypto-currencies. With the rise of Bitcoin, it seems a multitude of different crypto-currencies are on the horizon, and it is imperative to understand the benefits and risks involved in each of these crypto-currencies in order to ensure that one is able to ensure that their investments are being made in the correct place.

World Mobile Coin is one crypto-currency that is causing a lot of commotion. It claims to be the new generation crypto-currency that will undoubtedly shake up the world. World Mobile Coin is a peer-to-peer crypto-currency. This makes it so that there is no central authority that is issuing new coins or keeping tracks of any transactions that are being done.

World Mobile Coin can be purchased using BTC, with the current rate being 0.0001 BTC for a limited time until 14th of February 2018. World Mobile Coin also comes along with a desktop app that adds a world of easiness and security for the users. There are quite a few available coins in its ICO stage.

The desktop application is the perfect option for beginners who wish to start mining and ensuring that their WMCoins are being stored safely. The desktop application is currently available for Windos, Linux, with updates for macOS expected to come out soon.

That said, World Mobile Coin definitely aims to provide a very secure and protected experience to its users, giving them the security that many other crypto-currencies fail to do so. The desktop application that it comes with is the perfect gateway for newbies who wish to attain firm footings into the cryptocurrency world.

With the limited time discount being offered on its rate until the 14th of February, it is highly recommended to get one’s hands on WorldMobileCoin as soon as possible.

About World Mobile Coin:

World Mobile Coin is an upcoming peer to peer crypto-currency that offers both efficiency and security to its users. Available alongside a desktop app, this crypto-currency aims to build upon the ideas of previous crypto-currencies, perfecting them to a point which has not yet been seen.

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Company Name: World Mobile Coin
Contact Person: Maximum Kennedy (Max K)
Address:2950 NW 29th AVE, STE A679026
City: Portland
State: Oregon
Country: United States