OnePetHub Launches New Product Line: Personalized Pet Painted Stone Necklace

January 27th, 2018 – Your special pet has always been one gem of a friend to you, so why not show them off for the special treasures they are? Onepethub makes it possible by transforming a photo of your furry or feathered friend into a custom painted stone necklace.

OnePetHub is pleased to bring to the notice of the general public the launching of a new line of product, Personalized pet painted stone necklace. The new line of product features a custom painted stone pendant of a close-up portrait of your pet. Your beloved cat, dog, or any pet big or small will be painted on smooth Cobblestone.

This sweet necklace from OnePetHub is a reminder of that special animal in your life and can also be in memory of that beloved pet that has crossed over the rainbow bridge. The piece has been carefully painted leaving the back and side of the pendant bare in order to showcase the Cobblestone underneath.

Flaunt your fur baby in a gorgeous heirloom necklace and cherish him/her wherever you go. Spark a conversation with this one of a kind pet jewelry that will accentuate any denim or dress. OnePetHub will do everything possible to make the necklace perfect for you. They will send images of the painted piece via conversations for approval before shipping.

Each piece of stone necklace varies in size (from ¾” to 1 ½” in length and width), shape, color, and texture making each one and every pendant one of a kind.  International shipping option makes it a great idea to send customized pet painted necklace to your friends around the world to show them how much you care for them.

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OnePethub offers custom-made pet pillows, pet key chains and several other related products that could be a perfect gift at an affordable price to please someone. They supply handmade pillows for pets that are unique and fun for the gifting purpose. The online store ensures a superior custom service and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee to each customer.

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