Behavioral Scientist Helps People Banish Self-Doubt and Find Greater Happiness

Sarasota, Florida – Behavioral scientist, Stephanie Carroll, is helping people to banish self-doubt and find greater happiness with her free, virtual course, Train Your Brain to Bounce Back from Self-Doubt & Boost Your Confidence in 5 Days.

As President of Carroll Consulting Group and founder of Secrets to Happiness, Carroll has been using research-backed tools and proven strategies to help thousands of people experience greater joy in their everyday lives.

In her latest, free mini-course, Train Your Brain to Bounce Back from Self-Doubt & Boost Your Confidence in 5 Days, Carroll assists clients by giving them 5 simple tips to help boost confidence in work, love and life.  “The #1 thing thousands of people have told me is holding them back from greater happiness is a lack of self-confidence and they just don’t believe strongly in themselves,” Carroll stated.  “Science reveals 85% of our daily thoughts can be negative which takes a toll on our overall happiness.  I started Secrets to Happiness to share simple tips to boost feelings of joy, peace, confidence, productivity and feelings of belonging – all critical components to feeling happy.”

Carroll’s free virtual course is designed to take clients to an entirely new level of self-assurance and personal power.  It focuses on breaking free from perceived fears by using practical steps and tools that fit easily into their everyday lives.  Train Your Brain to Bounce Back from Self-Doubt & Boost Your Confidence in 5 Days is marketed to individuals who want to feel more fulfilled with their lives and businesses who want to increase the engagement and productivity of their employees.

Individuals and organizations looking for more information about this free course that kicks-off February 5th, 2018 can visit Carroll’s website:

About Secrets to Happiness:

Carroll has been a successful behavioral scientist for the past 15 years.  Her clients include organizations such as L’Oreal, BASF, World Bank, Kraft Foods, Aveda and thousands of unique individuals.

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