NovaVPN Announces a Better VPN Service over Rivals with a Massive Discount

NovaVPN supports Windows, iOS, Mac and Android with dedicated apps so enabling protection is just a matter of a press of a button.

How sure are you about your online security? How safe is it to browse the internet without any protection? Chances are, all the time you spent online without a service like VPN, could have come at a very expensive cost; it may be breach of your privacy, identity or credit card information and internet browsing patterns. But now, there is good news. You can now seal all the loopholes that could make your internet browsing a nightmare with NovaVPN as they launched a VPN service which ensures a completely secure internet usage experience.

NovaVPN helps you use the internet the way you desire without worrying about internet service providers, hackers or even surveillance agencies prying into things you are doing online. Furthermore, NovaVPN offers 10 locations to choose from; this means you can appear as if you are browsing the internet in any of those countries such as Australia, France, Spain, Russia etc. – which is a significant advantage over the other VPN providers who provide only USA based IPs. Highlighting the work and years of research NovaVPN team put together before launching the anonymous VPN service, a company official stated “a lot of resources went into the legal side of the business. Everything is registered in Belize. It‘s a place where the law doesn‘t require you to keep any logs. Here, we can remain completely anonymous.”

Ordinary internet users might be unaware that accessing the internet using a public Wi-Fi connection, or ever checking out social media could put them at risk of information theft. Some public Wi-fi connections are setup with packet sniffers, which scan all the information that is being shared on that particular connection – including sensitive data such as passwords. This situation can completely be eliminated if you use a secure VPN service such as NovaVPN. NovaVPN supports Windows, iOS, Mac and Android with dedicated apps so enabling protection is just a matter of a press of a button.

Using a VPN service does not mean you are invulnerable but NovaVPN has made sure you will be protected by AES-256 encryption which is a mechanism trusted by security experts worldwide. Furthermore, there is a “Kill Switch” function which shuts off any software if you lose connection to the VPN. None of your data will be in danger if the VPN connection suddenly disconnects, preventing those applications from sending unprotected traffic to the internet.

The company understands that not all VPNs are created equal. This is why NovaVPN takes your privacy seriously by addressing one pressing issue when using VPN; the DNS leak. NovaVPN has figured out how to stop any potential threat that could make your IP address public. You will be protected from any DNS leaks as NovaVPN runs its own private, encrypted DNS on every server.

Apart from security and privacy, NovaVPN understands that you should be able to get a consistent experience in all of your devices. Thus, with a single NovaVPN account, you can connect up to six devices simultaneously without compromising your online security. Use NovaVPN apps on Windows, iOS, Mac, Android without the hassle of logging in and out of each of your devices whenever you need to go online.

NovaVPN currently offers 3 affordable plans to get started with. What’s more, there is a service launch discount offering a 50% discount on every account that you register. Just use the following coupon code – 1Y50OFF.

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