NPD Analyzes Legality of Switchblade and Butterfly Knife Combs

National Press Distributors, a branch of Hobanco knife sellers, looked at the legality of carrying a switchblade or butterfly knife comb.

Switchblade and butterfly knife laws are complicated. It is not always legal to carry a switchblade or butterfly knife, even if it is concealed. Different states and cities have different laws about when people can carry a knife like a switchblade or butterfly knife and how. These laws can change from year to year and even from one jurisdiction to the next as new measures and ordinances are voted on by local governing bodies. 

Switchblade and butterfly knife combs fall into a strange gray area because they look and feel very much like real switchblades and butterfly knives. They have the same weight and appearance as a real knife, so it would be very easy for these combs to be mistaken for real knives.

In fact, they are so realistic looking that some people use them to practice tricks. It is possible to use these combs to practice things like butterfly knife tricks safely without worry about cuts and damage to the knife.

That all puts the combs in a strange legal limbo. They are technically just combs so they can be carried like combs, but there are places where laws are strict and something that appears to be a real knife would raise suspicion. Caution is advised depending on where these combs are being carried and wielded.

Switchblade and butterfly knife combs are fun and safe. They use the look of switchblades and butterfly knives to produce combs that are unique and stylish. They are easy to carry and have the same feel as real knives. The only difference is that the blade is replaced with a comb. This is great for people who are on the go and want something that is easy to keep in your pocket and carry around all day no matter where you go.

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