Joey Allaham Spearheads Allaham Consultancy to Offer a One-Stop Solution with Unique Real Estate Spaces and Long-Term Profitability

January 29th, 2018 – From food to real estate, Joey Allaham is spearheading the business world as one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs and businessman in the US today. Founder and director of Allaham Consultancy, a diversified real estate consultancy firm, Joey’s unwavering focus and commitment has allowed the consultancy to be recognized as a dynamic organization that covers every aspect of the real estate industry.

Allaham Consultancy offers a diversified portfolio of services, covering investment, consultancy, construction, development, support and management in the real estate sector. The areas of specialization include residential, commercial, retail, hospitality, office and mixed-use property assets all over the US. The firm also acts as a professional property manager, and brings all real estate needs under a single umbrella.

“We help clients turn critical and complex real estate issues into opportunities for growth and development. From business owners, investors to lenders and institutions, we offer you the know-how and strategic planning that will help you make better decisions,” says Joey.

From Syria to the US, Joey Allaham has learnt from the real world of business, and has engaged in forging new ties between Syria and the American Jewish community. After launching New York’s first kosher restaurant, Prime Grill, in 2000, he went on to launch a chain of restaurants serving different cuisine. Joey has also co-authored ‘The Prime Grill Cookbook: Redefining the Kosher Experience’, published in 2013.

The client approach at Allaham is based on affordability, long term profits through assets, consistency in management, and offering unique spaces. Through Allaham Consultancy, Joey is today focusing on creating value through aggressive management, leasing, strategic capital improvements, successful litigation and prudent financing programs.

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