Takrow Founder Launches Innovative Marketing Strategy, ‘Single-lane +2.0’

Los Angeles, CA – January 29th, 2018 – The right sales and marketing tactics can make or break an entrepreneur. Ali Dareshoori, founder/CEO of Takrow and Co-inventor Brad Asadi, has therefore invented a new business growth tactic, called “Single-lane +2.0”. The innovative marketing strategy mixes the old and modern sales and marketing tactics to give entrepreneurs the experience of real life business with avenues to earn income. Although, it has been reported that “Single-lane +2.0” is under a patent pending status.

“Single-lane +2.0” is a brand new marketing strategy for entrepreneurs of any age or experience. The new strategy addresses the stark reality that new businesses face when they do not get hold of necessary funding to start or grow. As per the the Bureau of Labor, 1 out of 5 businesses fail as a direct result of insufficient funding.

“With ‘Single-lane +2.0’, I want to give entrepreneurs a new way to face their challenges, overcome funding hurdles and experience the happiness of earning income. This will be the Uber of banking services,” says Ali Dareshoori.

Takrow is now ready to hire more people into its network. The company began in 2017 with a mere $970, and has now grown to over $700K in revenue.  The Takrow™ program is offered by Alamkan inc Services to start-ups and small businesses, and centralizes all knowledge and services required to obtain approval from conventional and alternative banks. The program also acts as a financial and business advisory and saves clients thousands of dollars in legal and consultation fees.

“At Takrow, we are always looking for ways to gain our client’s trust. We’ve been able to give the gift of bringing dreams to reality to all entrepreneurs on their journey to become a diamond and to avoid chasing glitters,” says Ali.

Takrow has a network of over 2,100 lenders, and its mission is to ensure that every current or upcoming entrepreneur regardless of their business or their personal credit history understand the importance of business credit to their overall success.

For more information, please visit: www.Takrow.com

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