Popular UK-Based Professional Guitarist Releases Debut Guitar Teaching Book

Leading UK-based professional guitarist Edina Balczo announces the release of her first guitar teaching book – “Spanish Guitar Strumming Techniques”

LONDON, UK – Edina Balczo is a female professional guitarist based in the United Kingdom. Having gradually acquired tens of thousands of followers on social media throughout the past decade, she has managed to create an entertainment industry niche for herself which has enabled her to bring her vibrant and dynamic music to audiences world-wide, both through personal appearances and on the internet. In an effort to teach guitar students and lovers of the instrument the art of playing Spanish-style guitar, she has recently released her first instructional book, titled Spanish Guitar Strumming Techniques, which contains a series of easy-to-understand guitar lessons for beginners and more advanced guitarists.

Interest in the Flamenco and Spanish guitar styles has increased in recent decades, with many people across the globe eager to master the techniques of these idioms. However, there are few flamenco guitar method books, and almost none describing the art of the Spanish guitar. Edina’s book may be the first on the market to provide detailed descriptions of not only the strumming techniques which are integral to the Spanish guitar, but also the variety of percussive effects associated with the style.

Described as “A new revolutionary book to teach you Spanish Guitar Strumming Techniques,” the package will contain 19 guitar lessons in the form of a book and online video lessons, which include over 150 exercises and illustrations to teach the different Spanish guitar strumming techniques.

Each of the techniques in the book is meant to be used on the nylon-string guitar, and can even be employed on other nylon-string instruments, such as the ukulele. The techniques are described with easy, step-by-step explanations, tips and exercises to enable students to master and play them at the ideal tempo. All of the musical examples are transcribed in both standard musical notation and tablature, with accompanying chord diagrams.

The book is particularly unique in describing not only the Spanish guitar strumming techniques, but also the percussive effects associated with that style of playing. To enable the guitarist to play the vibrant and dynamic rhythms of Latin music, the book focuses on refining the player’s right-hand technique – this makes it unlike many other books, which focus on the development of the left hand.

The first six lessons are devoted to music theory subjects, including: reading rhythms, tablature and musical notation, chord structure and some basic chord shapes on the guitar. Some of the many techniques described in the book include various approaches to the rumba, the flamenco triplet strum, golpe strumming, rasgueado, alzapua, and several drumming techniques. Finally, there are descriptions of how to combine these techniques to provide infinite musical variety for the player.

The book is available to pre-order on Kickstarter, where the author is also raising funds for her project.

About Edina Balczo

Edina Balczo is a popular United Kingdom-based guitarist who has made a name for herself on YouTube with her channel The Spanish Guitar Hub, which has received 9 million views and boasts 37,000 subscribers. Endorsed by GuitarPro, the originator of the GuitarPro tablature editor software, Edina has performed in several festivals and events worldwide including the Glastonbury festival, Sziget festival (HU), and at events for Green Peace, Google, and the Commonwealth Nations Ceremony awards.

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