Freight Company offers a first-of-its-kind brokerage and Logistics Service

A dynamic organization that offers brokerage and logistics services, Freight King, has introduced new concepts that are revolutionizing their industry. The company offers Full Truckload, Less Than Truckload and other packages in a way that is not conventional. In their operating platform, carriers (truck owners) can connect directly with shippers to move their goods from one point to another. Freight King vets each of the truck owners in order to ensure that the shippers do not have any negative surprises. Beyond this, the company makes it easy for shippers to pick from a range of carriers that best suit their itinerary and unique needs.

On the other hand, Freight King has introduced a sublime app that enables shippers, clients, and other stakeholders to easily track the location of trucks. They save the client the trouble of trying to follow up with emails or phone calls when they want to know the status of their goods. On the part of the drivers, Freight King allows them to choose out of a 3-mode payment. They can be paid for their service in 24 hours, in 3 days or on a 30-month cycle. Beyond this, drivers have the opportunity to truly take the driving seat in liaising, networking, serving and carrying the goods of shippers.

The CEO of Freight King, Todd Cheek states that – “We are passionate about creating a value-adding system that helps people worry less about how they transport their goods. Our passion is not just to equitably serve the customers; we see the truck owners as an integral part of what we do. This is why we have introduced a robust reward system that ensures that they get real value for working with us.’’

The company is currently reviewing its strategy of service in order to take on new markets. They are currently recruiting logistics coordinators in the Denver area. The goal of the firm is to create a transparent, affordable and seamless channel that serves as the one-stop shop for the savvy shipper and truck owner.

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Freight King is an innovative business that is into brokerage and logistics. They are building a team that is passionate about ensuring that every client gets real value for the investments they make. The management team of this organization believes that everyone who steps into their world makes up a part of their large corporate family. They are poised to help people experience the beauty, the power and the finesse that comes with the new way in which goods can be moved from one point to another. Their custom-designed app has raised the stakes in the way they render their services. 

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