Learn from an SEO consultant in Delhi NCR on the importance of optimising your business for mobile

“Optimising your website for smartphones and voice search can lead to up to 200% increase in traffic. An SEO Freelancer in Delhi NCR can help you in implementing this.”

It’s 2018 and most of the businesses are busy finalising their SEO strategy for their websites. Google and social media sites show that SEO is one of the most trending topics. As an SEO consultant in Delhi NCR, The Buzz Stand is getting lots of queries regarding the best practices to ensure that they rank for keywords. We would recommend that the best method and future of SEO lies in mobile phone devices and voice search. Some of the facts to back our claims can be seen from the facts below

1. Growing Number of smartphone users and Accessibility of Internet

Smart Phone Users have been growing continuously in double digits and so is the number of those who are accessing internet on their phones. The customer wants everything at the click of a button. This is leading to the case that these users are becoming impatient and they want faster loading sites. If your server responds slow, you have flash enabled or have many redirects, unoptimised images then most possibly your site would become slower. Not having a website design for the phone would lead you to lose these customers.

2. It Contributes to more searches than Desktop

In 2017, mobile searches were much more than desktop searches and voice contributed 1/3 of these searches. Most of the websites used to optimise for keywords which are not in the form questions, related to their product or services like [service name]+ [city name]. However, with smartphones and voice search coming into play there are unlimited keywords which could be searched. Interestingly, keywords having near me and in the form of questions are seeing a rapid increase in a number of searches. Including keywords like near me or having articles which answer customers query are the keywords which can help businesses generate great traction. The good thing is they have less competition at the moment. Harneet who is the founder of The Buzz Stand also provides services of SEO Freelancer in Delhi NCR. He gets a lot of queries regarding optimising for voice. Larger businesses have already started optimising for it, but startups and small businesses are the ones which are lagging.

3. Mobile users behave differently

Though the technology is same for a website on all platforms, mobile and tablet users want websites which are faster, have lesser downloads, no popups and thus, it becomes important to make sure that website is optimised for mobile.

4. Mobile users buy more

Stats state it clearly, mobile users have historically bought more as it offers more convenience. There are additional features like placing a call, finding directions etc. which help businesses to grow even if they use websites only as a medium to generate leads for a sale they make offline. You don’t want to neglect million of users who are using and just optimise for mobile. As an SEO Freelancer in Delhi NCR, one query which Harneet receives from the website The Buzz Stand is how can we make our customers buy more. The answer is targetting mobile customers. Having a call option on the website and having directions to your site. People still like to talk to a person before doing any business. This is all the more important in 2018 for businesses which offer services.

5. Google Ranks Mobile Friendly Pages Higher

At the end, 90% of organic traffic your website will receive is going to be from Google. And Google searches are made more on mobile than desktop. So, Google changed its algorithm and started ranking websites with mobile pages higher. If it is doing so, the businesses would also need to align themselves.
In case you have made up your mind and looking for any help, The Buzz Stand can help you optimise for this. It is one of the best SEO consultant in Delhi NCR and provides consultancy at an affordable price.

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