Young Entrepreneur And Med School Student’s Test Prep Company Trusted By Thousands Of Teachers And Students.

Amareen Dhaliwal is an ambitious and hardworking entrepreneur who started college at the age of 15 and is now pursuing her lifelong dream of attending med school at the Boston University, which she started at the age of 19. Her incredible list of credentials does not end here, she is also an entrepreneur, helping students and college applicant with test prep through advanced coaching techniques. Axilogy, Amareen’s test prep company has assisted hundreds of students and trusted by thousands of teachers and students alike.

One of Amareen’s passions is to help others and through her company is able to assist students like her succeed in one of the most stressful phase of the academic journey. Axilogy is an online education company based out of Boston, MA. Axilogy’s has been founded on the belief that past failures, lack of skillset, or performance do not reveal an individual’s performance.   The counselors and mentors at Axilogy utilize education theories, an intensive teacher training program, and over 500 total teacher year experience to develop some of the most effective education programs to date so their students are able to LEARN 10x FASTER which allows them to enjoy the other aspects of life (like being a human).

In his review, a happy Axilogy client said, “I worked personally with the founder and she’s such an amazing person! She always goes above and beyond to help her students. She was there for me no matter the time of day. She provided me with great tips on how to excel at the MCAT. Not only did she help me with my study habits, but unlike other companies, they helped me with other things that affect studying. So many things go into studying and she helped every step of the way!”

Furthermore, Amareen has also done research in International and Humanitarian Medicine, Internal Medicine (General Medicine) and Allied Health Science. She has successfully completed and published two research items and her most recent publication is ‘IMPLEMENTING COST EFFECTIVE HEALTH MONITORING PROGRAMS IN TEACHING HOSPITALS’.


Amareen is a first year medical student at Boston University School of Medicine and graduate of the University of California San Diego where she majored in biochemistry and cell biology. In addition to her M.D., she aims to pursue a J.D. and to continue her work in business, education, and with the homeless. She had also developed several other companies and a keen interest in politics.

Business Name: India Limited Management

Contact Name: Nicole George


Boston, MA

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Company Name: India Limited Management
Contact Person: Nicole George
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