Young Med School Student Helps Fellow Med School Applicants And Student Through YouTube

Amareen Dhaliwal, an inspirational, beautiful and passionate med school student at Boston University School of Medicine and graduate of the University of California San Diego and launched her YouTube channel to help others just like her by sharing her knowledge and experiences. Most recently, Amareen uploaded a video titled “HOW I GOT INTO MED SCHOOL AT AGE 19 I premed | 15 in college | 18 in business” in which she shared the story of how she got interested in medicine and how she was able to achieve so much at a very young age.

Amareen believes that most people have the ability to achieve any goal in life, the key is to stay determined and believe in themselves. If they let past failures, lack of skillset, or performance hold them back from being a better student, professional or an individual, then they will not be able to achieve their goals in life. Amareen thinks YouTube is the perfect platform for her to share story and practical test prep advice can be used alone or in conjunction with Amareen’s test prep and online education company that has assisted hundreds of students prepare for test including MCAT. The company utilizes education theories, an intensive teacher training program, and several PhDs and MDs with over 500 total teacher year experience to develop some of the most effective education programs to date.

In her latest video, Amareen talks about how she developed an interest in learning about the human body and especially medicine. She also shares how school gave her a sense of stability and control over her life which mainly involved moving from one rented room to another across different states while her mom tried to find a permanent job after moving to the US after immigrating from India. Amareen goes on to detail how she was able to attend college at the age of 15, what made it possible and how others can do it.

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Amareen is a first year medical student at Boston University School of Medicine and graduate of the University of California San Diego where she majored in biochemistry and cell biology. In addition to her M.D., she aims to pursue a J.D. and to continue her work in business, education, and with the homeless. She had also developed several other companies and a keen interest in politics.

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