Inspiring Young Entrepreneur and Future Doctor Interviewed For The Accepted Blog.

Accepted, a premier admissions consultancy that has been helping college and graduate school applicants since 1994 through mentorship by uncommonly talented professionals, including former admissions directors, published authors, and PhDs, also run a successful and highly regarded blog that features a series sharing interviews of incredible and inspiring medical school applicants and students, to provide readers a behind-the-scenes look at top medical schools and application process. Recently, Amareen Dhaliwal, a young businessperson and med school student at the age of 19 was interviewed for the Accepted Blog. In the interview, Amareen shared a glimpse of her incredible journey to med school at such a young age.

Amareen shared that her family hails from India and had moved to the US at the age if six and in the beginning her mother had to work hard to give her a stable life and prior to that they had to share rented rooms in 10 different cities from Virginia to Washington (state), however, it was during this time that she got interested in learning about medicine and the human body. She then went on to study Biochemistry Program at University of California San Diego at the age of 15.

When asked how she was able to complete college and get in to med school at such a young age, Amareen explained that she was able to seize the opportunity after hearing about a high school in Seattle that offered a subsidized program where she would be able to attend community college. From there, she was able to complete 130 credits on a quarter system at the school, by taking 4-5 science classes a quarter.  Amareen’s incredible journey is in part is due to her determination and passion to help others.

Similary, Amareen suggests that hard work and the need to help others as two of the most powerful driving forces that college and med school applicant can use to get accepted in a med school. She believes that the core idea of the field of medicine is to help others and if applicants focused on that principle on top of working hard they would be able to succeed.

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Amareen is a first year medical student at Boston University School of Medicine and graduate of the University of California San Diego where she majored in biochemistry and cell biology. In addition to her M.D., she aims to pursue a J.D. and to continue her work in business, education, and with the homeless. She had also developed several other companies and a keen interest in politics.

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