Amareen Dhaliwal, Med School Student At 19 Continues To Inspire With Long List of Credentials

Ambitious dream chaser and an inspiration for many students, Amareen Dhaliwal continues to accumulate a long list of impressive achievements and credentials as a young med school student at 19 years of age. Amareen has completed started college at the age of 19 and is currently pursuing biochemistry major in Boston University, and is managing a successful online education and test prep company, Axilogy.

Amareen is an active member of a number of societies and student organizations at the Boston University including the The Boston University Anesthesiology Interest Group that seeks to introduce medical students to the field of anesthesia, and spread awareness of anesthesiology as a potential career option to students. She is also engaged in the BUSM’s Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG) that informs students about internal medicine as a medical specialty and as a possible career. Furthermore, Amareen Dhaliwal is one of the a student leaders in the plastic and reconstructive surgery society, which is a career advisory group which aims to increase exposure in plastic surgery and establish resources for BUSM students to aide in gaining needed research experience, applications and advice.

Amareen is currently serving as the Academic Education Director in the Strategy Branch in the 2017-2018 National Board & Regional Board of the Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association APAMSA. APAMSA is a national organization that aims to address Asian-American issues among medical students, health care professionals, within the community. They aim to bring together Asians and others interested in the health issues that affect Asians to establish a strong, collective, public and political voice.

Amareen has a YouTube channel to help others just like her by sharing her knowledge and experiences and practical test prep advice can be used alone or in conjunction with Amareen’s test prep and online education company. Amareen founded Axilogy, an online education company based out of Boston, MA that has assisted hundreds of students through advanced coaching techniques. Amareen has also done research in International and Humanitarian Medicine, Internal Medicine (General Medicine) and Allied Health Science. She has successfully completed and published two research items and her most recent publication is ‘IMPLEMENTING COST EFFECTIVE HEALTH MONITORING PROGRAMS IN TEACHING HOSPITALS’.

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Amareen is a first year medical student at Boston University School of Medicine and graduate of the University of California San Diego where she majored in biochemistry and cell biology. In addition to her M.D., she aims to pursue a J.D. and to continue her work in business, education, and with the homeless. She had also developed several other companies and a keen interest in politics.

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