Outstanding Med Student, Amareen Dhaliwal Proves That Mental and Educational Practices Go Hand-in-Hand with Physical Activities

There’s an unfortunate image that people have created in their minds of what bodybuilders look like. Usually, they’re thought of these brawn-not-brain types that are filled to the brim with testosterone and simple-mindedness. However, it seems that this stereotype is fading away, as a multitude of bodybuilders are influencing people using social media.

From PhD scientist to medical students, it seems body-building is just becoming a regular trait that many exceptionally performing individuals possess. Amareen Dhaliwal, an outstanding med student, even considered a prodigy by many is an ample example of individuals who are both exceptional in body-building while also being proficient in their learning.

Amareen was listed in the Ultimate Warriors San Diego, and placed 5th at what was her first ever competition. Amareen herself stated that body-building helped her to keep herself grounded and her mind clear, whenever she would face issues at home or at school. Even when she was preparing for a massive examination, she would record her macronutrients and micronutrients.

An interview conducted by the AAMC mentioned her involvement in the medical fitness company to prepare patient and corporate employees through a similar bodybuilding coaching platform. Amareen has stated that her daily test prep company was built on the idea that a daily coach can cause dramatic change in anyone from a fitness athlete to a premed student.

It seems that individuals like Amareen are showing that body-building isn’t something that is done by testosterone-filled and buffed-up men, but is something that many people can do to not only relax themselves in times of stress, but also better themselves mentally and physically. Mental and educational expertise is now going hand-in-hand with physical capabilities, and people aren’t forced to pursue one or the other.

About Amareen Dhaliwal:

Amareen Dhaliwal is a student in Boston University School of Medicine. Having entered medical school at an astonishing age of 18, Amareen is an advocate of grade-skipping and states that while it is generally considered to be harmful, it actually has a multitude of benefits for students who are over-performing for the grade level they are currently in.

Amareen expresses interest in the field of fertility and family planning but aims to first take time to pursue a PhD in gifted education to organize better resources for young girls interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

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