21 Year Old Medical Student Accomplishes Massive Feat of Authoring 21 Books

At the age of 21, most students are just recently graduating from college, with many looking forward to whatever internships and companies they should apply to.

Amareen Dhaliwal – however, is a Boston medical student that seems to be taking a different route. At the age of 15, Amareen was excelling in her college chemistry and physics classes, even being offered to tutor for them. Her natural talent at teaching was something that was quite evident to many of her professors.

At the age of 19, she began medical school, which was 6 years earlier than the average accepted student. Amareen managed to achieve all this using a 24-hour planner. Ever since the age of 12, she began her preparation for medical school. The idea of being a young doctor never really interested her, instead she was enthralled by her fascination to study and attain more knowledge.

Eventually, the great goals she had to achieve to gain entry into college simply could not fit into her 24-hour planner, as they were too broad and vague to actively be worked on. She thus began to use Pages on Mac to design tables that fit an entire 24-hour/day week on a single page. The other side was a day-to-day schedule and layout for every aspect of her life, such as homework, courses, exams, hobbies and social life. As she built further upon this idea, it became clear that many of her friends were able to apply this to their lives as well.

At the age of 18, Amareen was teaching after school premed classes with over 300 students enrolled where she came up with the idea of an MCAT planner. After publishing it, she sold over 2000 copies in the first month alone on Amazon. She soon established over 16 different planners for all types of students from high school to medical school. Later she began establishing multiple choice test prep books for the new MCAT, becoming the first author with over a 1000 MCQs in psychology and sociology.

Amareen has now authored 21 books at the age of 21, sold in stores around the world like Barnes and Noble.

About Amareen Dhaliwal:

Amareen Dhaliwal is a student in Boston University School of Medicine. Having entered medical school at an astonishing age of 18, Amareen is an advocate of grade-skipping and states that while it is generally considered to be harmful, it actually has a multitude of benefits for students who are over-performing for the grade level they are currently in.

Amareen expresses interest in the field of fertility and family planning but aims to first take time to pursue a PhD in gifted education to organize better resources for young girls interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

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