Prodigy Student Enters Medical School At The Age of 18, Supports Grade-Skipping Based on Student\’s Performance Level

When the traditional method of schooling has been in place for over a century with little changes, it seems that many people are now bringing in new innovative ideas to improve upon it and make it so it adapts with time.

Among these individuals is Amareen Dhaliwal, who is studying at Boston University School of Medicine. She believes that grade-skipping is an action that can actually greatly benefit a student, as it allows them to advance based on their own learning capabilities.

Being the youngest in her class to enter grade school, she became the center of everyone’s attention when she spoke on her views on education. She has shared these views at Harvard Medical School at the annual FLE conference for academics as well.

Discussing the psychosocial impact of grade skipping for kids, she states that “Education should be at the student’s pace”. Having started college at a just the age of 15, and starting medical school at 18, Amareen believes that every student has their own capability and speed at which their minds can progress and advance. Stating that millions of kids are diagnosed with ADHD and millions are claimed to be gifted, yet they are all forced to follow the same pace of studying.

In her blogs, Amareen has claimed that the future of education is quite near. Parents will now no longer be forced to ensure that their child doesn’t even miss a single class at school, or face massive punishments or suspensions. With grade-skipping, Amareen adds, students will be able to study at a level that feels challenging, making them more engaged in their studies instead of being bored. This will allow them to feel more accomplished for attaining good grades and further increase their interest in studies overall.

It is estimated that over 10% of students in California are performing at a grade level higher. Having these kids skip a grade will not only provide them with benefits, but will also save billions of taxpayers’ money. While not an easy task – it is accomplishable and requires support from parents and teachers alike.

About Amareen Dhaliwal:

Amareen Dhaliwal is a student in Boston University School of Medicine. Having entered medical school at an astonishing age of 18, Amareen is an advocate of grade-skipping and states that while it is generally considered to be harmful, it actually has a multitude of benefits for students who are over-performing for the grade level they are currently in.

Amareen expresses interest in the field of fertility and family planning but aims to first take time to pursue a PhD in gifted education to organize better resources for young girls interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

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