Crypto Key Stack LLC Announces The Launch Of Steel Backup Device For Multiple Cryptographic Keys

Startup Company, Crypto Key Stack LLC, Launches Its Unique High-Quality Stainless Steel Backup Device Designed For Storing Multiple Cryptographic Keys

Crypto Key Stack LLC is a new startup founded by inventor, Chris Gonyo and the company recently announced the launch of its new product, The Crypto Key Stack. The device is designed to serve as a backup for multiple cryptographic keys, allowing users to store keys to the digital wallets by embedding their private keys offline and in steel.

Cryptocurrency or digital currency as it is also referred to as has become increasingly popular in recent times. The benefits and features of the system have helped its increased adoption across the globe. One of the major components of cryptocurrency is the Cryptocurrency Wallet, which can be likened to a bank account in traditional banking. Such wallets have keys that are exclusive to cryptocurrency users. The security of these keys is paramount to ensure that no unauthorized persons have access to the wallets. However, with a plethora of cryptocurrencies available and users needing to have wallets for each of them, storing multiple private keys can be sometimes difficult. This is where Crypto Key Stack is particularly helpful.

Offering a unique cold storage of multiple wallet keys to users of digital currencies, the affordable stainless steel, do-it-yourself, offline backup device ensures longevity of very sensitive information such as mnemonic phrases, private wallet keys and passwords.

Unlike traditional materials such as paper and USB drives, the Crypto Key Stack offers users a durable place to backup their private wallet keys and mnemonics offline. Users are able to conveniently and privately embed their mnemonics and private keys between a half-pound stack of EMP proof, fireproof (up to 1200° Celsius), and waterproof black anodized stainless steel plates using a diamond-tipped electric engraver that comes with the package. This ensures maximum security and safety of vitalinformation.

Each Crypto Key Stack has the capability of holding up to a combination of eight mnemonic phrases and private key plates.

The device is currently available for pre-order, with shipping to commence on February 26th.

More information about Crypto Key Stack and other products from Crypto Key Stack LLC can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

About Crypto Key Stack LLC

Crypto Key Stack LLC was founded by Chris Gonyo in January 2018. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, the company was founded out of the desire to provide a safer and more secured way of storing personal cryptocurrency information. Consequently, Crypto Key Stack LLC is offering a wide range of products that allow users to store their vital information offline in stainless steel.

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