Looking for a House for Sale in Costa Rica Made Easier

San Ramon, Costa Rica Why Not Costa Rica is ready to assist anyone looking for a new home in Costa Rica. The region is perfect for people looking to live life to the fullest, and Tim and Tyler Burke want to help you do that. Both moved to Costa Rica over 7 years ago, and the length of time they’ve been in the area makes them reliable sources for anyone looking for a real estate opportunity in the country. Tim Burke has been in the real estate business for over 25 years and has over 10 years of experience in the financial services industry. Tim and Tyler can aid clients looking for the best investment options.

Why Not Costa Rica has already aided a lot of people in finding the best place to live in Costa Rica. Among them include Bob and Debby Stone of El Empalme, San Ramon, Costa Rica: “We have found from our association with Tim Burke @ Why Not Costa Rica that his work fits all of these requirements. He has been involved in the building, rental, and sales of our properties for a number of years in Costa Rica with outstanding results. We have found that Costa Rica, unlike many countries in Latin America, has a very strict building code… and Tim is aware of how important it is to build to these codes religiously unlike some others who may not be as professional in their building of homes.  We wholeheartedly endorse Tim @ Why Not Costa Rica for any acquiring of property, the building or purchase of homes, or rental thereof.”

So what makes Costa Rica stand out? People in search of the best place to live in Costa Rica need to consider four factors: Cost, Temperature, Proximity, and Population. All of these are present in the Costa Rica region of San Ramon, offering a perfect place for people who want the quality of life offered there. Having plenty of vibrant things to do in the region makes it a haven that would be perfect for people who eventually want to retire in paradise.

If you have reached the stage of considering retirement, Why Not Costa Rica is ready to serve. Having over 500 Americans living in San Ramon, Costa Rica, more are expected to follow. There are custom retirement dream houses for sale in Costa Rica, each priced differently according to the client’s budget.

One of the featured houses for sale in Costa Rica sits on a level 1.25 acres of prime Pacific Ocean view property with amazing sunsets, coffee plants and tropical foliage. Offering 3 + Bedrooms, 3 baths, 22 ft. ceilings, an open floor plan and an infinity pool with hot tub.

To find the best deals, sitting down with Tim and Tyler and discussing different possibilities is highly recommended.

They are located at 1500 Metros De La Escuela La Constancia, El Empalme De Santiago, Alajuela Province, San Ramon, 20201.

Appointments and queries can be made by phone at 509-570-1928 or through email at info@whynotcostarica.com

More information on Why Not Costa Rica can be found at https://whynotcostarica.com/.

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Phone: 509-570-1928
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